Sew Guide » How to sew a simple & {EASY} elastic waist skirt -Tutorial

How to sew a simple & {EASY} elastic waist skirt -Tutorial

Easy and simple elastic waist skirt pattern

This is a very simple tutorial to sew an elastic waist skirt with just one and a half metre of cloth. I Sew this simple and easy skirt pattern in less than half an hour. Even an absolute beginner can confidently start this skirt and finish it to perfection. 

Infact it is the EASIEST SKIRT EVER. SKirts with elastic waists are also very comfortable to wear as it gives enough ease at the waist and if you make it moderately full it can be flattering to the figure as well.

My daughter is very particular about the colour and dresses she wears. She has some peculiar ideas about fashion which absolutely does not gel with me or her grand mother.She scoffs it as generation gap. Maybe. But this was one occasion when we met eye to eye. I instantly loved this fabric as soon as I saw this and so did she.

Step 1 - Take Body measurements

For making a skirt, unlike any other garment you do not have a hundred measurement details to take care of. You just need three measurements

Length needed (For this skirt we settled for a 22 inch length after some debate. My daughter came down from her 20 inch and I went up from my 27 inch 🙂
If I was making this skirt for myself, I would hold the tape at my waist and drop it down to the length I need. 

Add 4 inches to the length needed, for hem and waistband.So I need a total skirt length of 26 ( ie. 22" + 4" ) for sewing this skirt. 
Hip round. Measure around your hip. simple. 

Waist round ( where you will keep your waistband of the skirt) This is for measuring the elastic. 

 To make this as uncomplicated and easy as possible I have taken the full width cloth in this skirt. If you take the full width as I have done, you donot have to worry about finishing the fabric edges. The selvedges never fray.

But you can alter this pattern to take the width you want. Ensure that the total circumference of the skirt is definitely more than the hip round + 14 inches. This will give you a skirt with enough gathers at the waist. If you take the full width of the cloth you will get good gathers. Here I have taken a fabric with 36 inch width.

Fabric choice for this simple skirt
You have so many options to sew this skirt. Make it in a beautiful lace fabric or a flowy chiffon or a plaid fabric - make it in all the fabric you have in your stash as I really want to. You just need to have one and a half meters of fabric to make a skirt of the length I have sewn.

It is better if you donot select a fabric that is too much stretchy.

What are the things you need to make this simple skirt
Sewing machine
elastic 3/4 inch or 1 inch ( Length - your waist measurement)
Safety pin
Marking tool
measuring tape
matching thread

I have taken pictures at every step so that you will not be confused at any stage. It also helps that this is a very easy skirt to sew with very few steps.

Step 2. Simple skirt pattern - Cut the fabric into 2 rectangles

You need at least 1 meter for sewing this skirt. If you want a knee length one you need at least one and a half meter cloth. The cloth will be of width atleast 35 inch . 

Cut 2 rectangles from this cloth with the following dimensions 

Length - Length you want for the skirt . Add atleast 4 inch for waistband and the hem. 

Width - Take the full width of the cloth you have at hand. If you want less gathers and not taking the full width, Make sure that the width of one rectangle is atleast 7 inches more than half your hip round. 

Check out the Perfect way to cut fabric if you want more information on how to cut fabric  before sewing.

how to sew the easiest skirt

Step 3. Align the slevedges of the two rectangles and sew together

Keeping the selvedges together right sides together, sew them together with a seam allowance of atleast 1/2 inch. You are making a tube now. 







how to sew a skirt with waistband

Step 4. Press the seams open

The seams has to be pressed open with a hot iron, so that there is no bulk in the waistband or hems when you sew them.

Because I took the full width of my cloth for the skirt, selvages forms the fabric edges, so I donot have to finish the edges . But if you are taking a smaller width cloth you may need to finish the fabric edges as mentioned in this article on 12 ways to finish the fabric edges 

sew a elastic waistband skirt

Step 5. Sew the skirt waistband for elastic

Turn under first 1/4 inch from the top edge to the wrong side and press. Then turn one inch inside, Now you have a casing for a 3/4 inch elastic. Sew along the fold edge from inside. Donot forget to Leave a 1 inch opening unstitched in the waistband to insert elastic

easy to sew skirt tutorial with step by step instructions

Step 6. Sew the hem

Make a 1 1/2 inch hem by turning under the bottom fabric edge twice by 3/4 inch.

how to sew a quick and easy skirt

You have a tube now with the waist band and hem sewn. The skirt is almost ready now. 

easy skirt

Step 7. Insert elastic in the waistband

Cut out elastic. The measurement I follow is waist round ( where I will rest the waistband) minus 1 inch + 1/2 inch for seam allowance, for a snug fit.  Try it on your waist for ease . Insert this elastic through the 1" opening in the waistband. 

elastic waistband for skirt

Step 8. Stitch elastic ends together

Stitch them securely together with zig zag stitches preferably.Several lines of stitching is needed. Straight stitches are also ok. Make sure that elastic has not twisted anywhere. Close the opening after elastic is inserted and secured. 

easy skirt

Step 9. Stitch in the ditch

Make sure that the gathers are evenly distributed around the waistband. Now Stitch in the ditch between the seam lines at the waist band. This is done for securing the waistband and elastic together, and to prevent gathers coming and bunching up to one side . That is it. Your skirt is ready. 

how to sew a skirt

You can even hand sew this skirt. It may take a little bit more than using a sewing machine ofcourse but the satisfaction of making a garment with your hand is something else. Checkout the basic hand stitches you should know before attempting to hand sew this project.

If you are not sure if this type of skirt would not fit you, You can checkout this article on tips for selecting the best skirt style for you


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