10 easy to do {Bead Embroidery Flower motifs}

bead embroidery flowers

There is something about beads!

The textural effect of the bead embroidery work combined with their vivid iridescent colors looks beautiful on garments and accessories. This is why you will find that most designers use bead embroidery motifs to enhance their creations. You can also do it, if not in an elaborate way, using small bead embroidery motifs like the ones given here.

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1. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

bead embroidery flowers

This is a pinwheel flower motif. They can be worked in a pattern in an allover design on the fabric or scattered around or as a big motif on the center

To make this motif with beads, first, draw the shape of the pinwheel.

Attach three beads across the intersection ( The number of beads will vary according to your pinwheel size, of course)
Fill in the sides with two beads and then one; continue doing the other side
For better strength go through the beads twice

bead embroidery flowers

If you are using a bigger bead attach single beads. For small seed beads, you can string three or four beads together, as I have done.

2. Bead embroidery flower Motif

  bead flower embroidery motifs

This bead embroidery flower is quite easy to make.Draw a small circle, Come up from the back of the fabric on the periphery of this circle; string your bead embroidery needle with one seed bead, one sequin, one seed bead, again another sequin and then three more seed beads. Take your needle to the center of the circle. This makes one petal of your bead flower.

Continue doing all inside the circle till it is fully filled. Finish with a sequin and bead in the middle

The single beads under the sequins are put there as spacers. They make the sequins stand almost erect giving a nice 3 D effect.

bead embroidery flowers

3. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

bead embroidery flowers

This is a flower motif made with four beads around another in the center. Talk about simple!. But when done all over it can take on a vivid beauty.

4. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

bead motifs of flowers

This flower motif is made by making a small triangular center and then making curvy offshoots all around this center with 5 seed beads. Fill the center with a bead if you want to

how to make bead embroidery flowers

5. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

This bead flower is made by threading the needle with three seed beads in between two bigger beads. This will make one petal. Make enough to fill your design. You will have to make straight stitches to secure the top beads to the fabric.

bead flowers

6. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

Self-explanatory – chain stitch lines finished with a sequin made around a point. Substitute sequins with beads for a variation.

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7. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

bead embroidery flowers

This bead flower is made by attaching a center bead and then threading the needle with two sequins, one seed bead and then again two sequins. Secure it close to the center bead and you have a beautiful petal. Make as many as you want around the center bead

bead embroidery flowers

8. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

Seed bead flowers. These are made by layering contrasting colour beads around a single bead. The colour variations make for the beauty of this motif

9. Bead embroidery flower motif

bead work

This just a basic layout of sequins (can be beads as well) along with bugle beads making for a sunburst look.

10. Bead embroidery flower Motif  

bead flower motifs

This simple flower is made by threading your beading needle with sequins followed by a bugle bead, Attach as in the picture below. This makes for one petal. Make all around to form your bead flower motif. Instead of the bugle bead you can use three seed beads for a variation.

bead embroidery flower motifs

Bead embroidery is very forgiving. Coming up with your own designs with these basic motifs will make you the designer. Go ahead.

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small embroidery designs

12 thoughts on “10 easy to do {Bead Embroidery Flower motifs}”

  1. Awesome guide ! I’m going to use it for sure. I really want to try flower n°2, but I don’t understand how to do the last one in the middle (one bead+one sequin). How does it work ? Thank you in advance for your reply !

    1. Hi Lucie
      It is explained on the post under the picture. Mark a circle first. You come up from under the fabric with your needle on this circle and then thread the needle with the sequins and the beads and then go down with the needle to the back of the fabric towards the middle of the circle – you can see this in the picture ; it is very simple ; when you do it you will see. This is your first petal. Make these petals in a circle and you have a bead flower. cheers

  2. samirah Mujahid

    I am re- learning embroidery my mother taught, me and ihad forgotten most of stitches .so I am going to do it! Samirah

  3. Deborah, Lovely designs. I love adding sequins to my bead embroidery. However, I was told that I shouldn’t use sequins because, “they’re tacky.”
    I didn’t listen and now add sequins in every design! Thanks, Sara

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