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Jeans are evergreen – whatever fashion styles come and go, jeans never go out of fashion. They are a staple part of everyone’s wardrobe – whatever the age, gender, class, and body shape. Hundreds of clothing brands in the fashion world produce jeans and hundreds of non-brands too. What differentiates the best from the rest is the artisanal techniques with which denim is woven, washed, cut, and styled and the perceived brand value. I have a favorite brand and I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I bet this brand loyalty is there for all discerning jeans enthusiasts. This is why they sell for a premium price and hold their value through all the fashion storms. 

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Levi’s Jeans

Originated in 1873, Levi’s is a legendary brand in the world of denim. Levi’s the classic 501s and the popular 511s are favorites of a lot of men and women out there.

The founder of the brand Levi Strauss is said to be the creator of five-pocket jeans. It also holds the patent for using rivets on jeans. Levi’s has many designs and styles including the vintage line with periodic specific cuts. They are recognized by the famous ‘E’, on the famous red pocket. The two-horse trademark logo and the red tab are the two identities of Levi’s brand.

Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler started its journey in 1947 by making jeans for the cowboys. They introduced the flat rivet, watch pocket, seven belt loops, and yoke seam over the panel to keep the wallet of riders in place. Today you don’t have to be a cowboy to wear this best quality denim jeans that meets the everyday need of the wearer. Handcrafted to perfect fit and style, they are famous the world over and comes in all shades from light to dark hues. Wrangler jeans are made for functionality while accommodating modern style.

Diesel Jeans

Renzo Rosso, the Italian designer acquired the company Diesel in 1985. These premium jeans for men and women highlight unique details and unusual treatments and finishes.

Diesel Jeans five-pocket range features over 40 different models and hundreds of washes every year. They also have limited edition series which are unique collectibles. Diesel was the first fashion company to launch a website.

Lee Jeans

Lee established the strongest and bluest denim in the market for durable work and western wear. They were the first dress-up jeans for men and women and came in a slim and trim look with the authentic western cut.

Lee’s embroidered denim was a fashion favorite. Their bell-bottom jeans were popular on college campuses. Their stretch fabrication with a hidden elastic waistband made Lee Extreme-Motion the fastest-selling model by 2018. Lee also has a specialty denim collection called Lee Vintage Modern.

Pepe Jeans

Born in 1973, in Portobello, Pepe is a pioneer in denim known for its endless creativity. They belong to the affordable luxurious segment. They are one of the principal jeans brands across the world. Known for their stylish products, they are particularly famous in the women’s section.

Pepe jeans are made of good quality denim and fitted well. Their skinny jeans marketed under powerflex denim are famous for their super stretch. They are very eco-conscious and recently introduced denim jeans made of zero chemicals and less water under Tru-Blu technology.

True Religion Jeans

True Religion broke all conventions and rules when they introduced their famous and unique T- stitch. They did not consider the industry-standard sewing machines up to the task and invented their own special kind to produce their five-needle thread at two stitches per inch or the super T-stitch.

Their name is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and bold designs. Their horseshoe logo born from the silhouette of Buddha’s smile along with the T- stitch is instantly recognizable anywhere.

Uniqlo Jeans

The Japanese company Uniqlo best affordable selvage denim with that right bit of stretch for comfort. Their jeans are known for their incredibly lightweight and comfortable stretch factors.

They are constantly innovating a variety of new fabrics to add more to the functionality of everyday jeans. Their jeans evolve with their innovative developments in fabric. They have a Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles.

Joe Jeans

Joe Jeans are known for their flawless fit. They have a collection of classic chic silhouettes. They started at first with women’s jeans with notable names like The Honey, The Socialite, The Starlett, The Twiggy, The Charlie, etc. They also have collection pieces made with the finest of fabrics in a classic cut. Later Joe started a men’s line.

Their “ jean legging” was an overnight success with celebrities and people all over the world. In 2011, Joe launched a Fifty Five Colors Collection showcasing their best-selling skinny jeans in fifty-five color shades.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

In 1976, Murjani teamed up with the famous actress and socialite to launch a line of designer jeans, the first designer jeans exclusively designed to fit a woman.

She was the pioneer in stitching her signature on the jeans. The ‘perfect fit’ jeans bore her name on the back pocket and the motif of a Swan on the front coin pocket and were an instant success. Her superbly fit jeans are immensely popular in the world of denim.

Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein introduced his first jeans in 1970 and they were an instant hit in the market. He sold 2,00,000 jeans in the first week. His jeans are bold, minimalistic, and effortless in styling and sometimes controversial. His provocative advertisements showed models wearing skin-tight jeans. Calvin Klein is one of the most popular and successful brands of denim all over the world

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