Color names starting with C

Carnation pink

carnation pink color

The color of the ‘flower of gods’, Carnation is a light shade of pink. After rose, maybe carnation is the most popular flower used in bouquets and flower decorations.

Cathedral blue

As the name suggests this is the color of the stained glasses on old cathedrals. It is a medium light shade of cyan blue. It is also often used in interior design.

Carnival red

Carnival red is a bright deep red color. This is an intense and bold color usually used to grab attention

Carnalian (Cornel red)

Carnalian is a mineral. Polished gemstones made of this mineral has a vivid reddish brown color.


Carmine is a shade of red.  Carmine is also sometimes referred to as Crimson Lake . It is a very popular color used in painting, and also in the food industry and cosmetics industry. The color is taken from the natural red dye derived from cochineal insects which are dried and crushed to  make the red pigment dye which is used in natural dyeing of clothes

Cardinal red

cardinal red color

Cardinal red is a vibrant shade of red associated with the color of the robes of the catholic cardinals in the chritian churches. There is also a family of birds by that name.


The capuccino is as you already know a type of coffee. There are different shades to this group of coffee depending on the strength of the coffee but the main color is a warm color of brown.

Canary yellow

canary yellow color

A canary is a small 4 inch long bird. It is a pet bird and very pretty and sings beautifully. There are white and green canaries but the yellow canary is the most common. The color canary is a very vivid yellow.

Cameo green

cameo green

Cameo green is a medium greenish-yellow color similar to a minty green color. This color is similar to the color of jade stone, and has a calming effect.

Cameo blue

cameo blue color


camel brown

Camel color refers to a light brown shade with a yellowish tinge, the color of a camel. It is a very elegant color and popular in clothing.


camellia color

Camelia is a beautiful lush flower with a bold lush pinkish color.

Cambridge blue

cambridge blue

As per wikipedia it is the color used by the sports teams from the University of Cambridge. The color cambride blue has a color code #4b5320 and it is greenish blue. It is more green than blue.

Calliste green

calliste green color

This is a yellow green color

Calamine blue

calamine blue color

Calamine blue is a pale blue color. The Latin word “calamintha,” refers to a Middle Eastern herb in the mint family, with blue flowers. Maybe derived from the flower’s color.

Cadmium yellow
cadmium yellow color

Cadmium yellow is a color that is often used in an artist’s palette.  This bright shade of yellow shade is named after the element cadmium.


cantaloupe color

This melon has a light orange color which is soft and calming. 


carrot color

Orange color of a carrot


caramel color

This is the goden brown color of burnt sugar

Capri blue

This is a deep shade of blue.


This is a medium dark shade of brown.

Cafe au lait

Cafe au lait is the french term for coffee with milk. 

Cadet grey

The term cadet is associated with military. The color cadet grey is a blueish grey color.

Cadet blue


This is a light blueish green color.

Cabbage green

cabbage green color


cerulean blue

This is a deep and bright blue color.

Cadmium green

cadmium green color


Cactus green

cactus green color

Deep green color of the succulent cactus.


carob color

Carob is the fruit of carob tree and has a deep brown color.


A vivid reddish pink color

Celestial blue

celsetial blue color

This is a shade of cyan blue


This is a pale turquoise blue color.

Chimney sweep

chimney sweep color

This is a shade of grey color


chestnut color

This is a reddish shade of brown


cherry color

China blue

china blue color

This is a medium to light shade of blue, maybe associated with chinese porcelain.


chamoise color

Chamoise is the name of a tan leather made from the the skin of a goat seen in Apls mountains. The color chamoise is a light oragnish brown color.


Chameleon is a lizard that can change the color of its skin according to its surroundings but basically it is a soft shade of green. That is this color.


A very light shade of yellowish orange color of the famous liquor.

Chalk white



charteuse color

This is a bright yellow green color of a French liqueur, closely resembling line green.


chocolate color


Cigar brown

cigar brown color


citron color

Yellowish green color of lemon


citrine color

Citrine is the name of a quartz with in the shade of golden yellow.


Cider is drink made from the fermented juice of apples. The color is a muted orangish brown color.


Warm brownish orange color of the dried bark of the cinnamon tree.


claret color

This is a deep rich shade of red.



Claire de lune

claire de lune color

Cocoa brown

cocoa brown color


Cornflower blue

cornflower blue

Coral pink

coral pink color


coquelicot color

Coral red

coral red color


copper color

Cochineal brown

cochineal brown

Cobalt blue

cobalt blue color

Cotton candy


cotton candy color


candy color




coronation color

Corsican blue

corsican blue


Corydalis blue

corydallis blue color


Cossack green

This is a dark green color

Crab apple

Crab apples are small apples. The color crab apple is a peachish red.


cream color

Cress green

cress green

This is warm shade of green.


crocus color

Crocus is the color of a flower.

Crimson red

crimson red

This is a deep puplish red color.


currant red

A current is a dired seedless grape of dark purple color.

Cyan blue

cyan blue

This is a green blue color


cyclamen color

Cyclamen is a deep purplish pink color of a the floweer of a houseplant usually seen in European countries.


cygnet color

A cygnet is a young swan. The word “cygnet” comes from the Latin word for “swan,” which is cygnus. Cygnets are born with a light gray plumage that gradually turns white as they mature.

Cypress green

cypress green

Cypress green color is named after the Cypress tree, which has green leaves. Cypress green is similar to olive green, but it has a greyish tint. The color code for cypress green is #009933.

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