Color names starting with D

A list of colors starting with the alphabet D


daffodil color

Daffodil yellow

daffodil yellow

The beautiful golden color of a daffodil flower.

Dandelion yellow

dandelion color


Danube green

danube green color

Dark wood

dark wood

Dawn pink

dawn pink color

The dawn pink is a purplish pink color

Damask rose

damask rose color

Damascena rose is a variety of rose flower with a very pretty pink color. You may have heard of it as Turkish rose, Castile rose.

Davy’s grey

davys grey color

A dark shade of grey color.

Dawn grey

dawn grey color

A dark shade of greenish grey color.

Debutante pink

debutante pink color

Della robia

della robbia color


delphinium blue color

Delphinium refers to beautiful blue colored flowers stacked one on top of each other in a tower shape.The blue color of the flowers can cheer up any garden.

Delft blue

deft blue


derby color

Devil’s red

devils red color

Director’s blue

directors blue color

Dirt Brown

dirt brown

This is a dark brown color of the soil – this is said to be because of the presence of carbonpolymers in the soil.

Diva blue

diva blue color


dianthus color

Distilled green

distilled green color

Doe skin brown

doeskin brown color

Dolly pink

dolly pink color

This is a light soft shade of pink

Dove grey

dove grey color

A medium soft grey color you will associate with a dove.

Dover grey

dover grey color

Dresden blue

dresden blue color

I suppose this color is the blue of the famous Dresden Porcelain (Dresden china)

Dreg’s of wine

dregs of wine color

Dreg’s of wine refers to the sedements found on the bottom of a wine bottle – obviously it is a deeper shade of wine (deep dark red to purple).

Dragon fly blue

dragon fly blue color

This is a very common color among dragon flies – a bright blue color.

Dry rose

dry rose color


drab color

Duck blue

duck blue color

A greenish blue color. 


duckling color

Not all ducklings are yellow but the ducklings of pekin duck are bright yellow in color.


dusk color

This is a very light and soft pink -associated with the color of the sky just after a warm sunset.
Dusty green

dusty green color

Dusty rose

Dusty rose color is a muted shade of pink – it is a popular color for clothes and for home decor as it a very elegant color.

Dutch pink

dutch pink color

A warm peach color.

Dutch scarlet

dutch scarlet

Dutch vermillion

dutch vermillion color

Duck green

duck green color

The dark green color usually seen on the head and body of ducks.


dust color


dune color

I know dune as a mount of sand in a desert- the color is just what you would imagine the sand to look like.

Dusty pink

This is a beautiful shade of pink with a hint of purple.

dusty pink color

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