Mustard Yellow color combinations that work for clothes

If you are an arthoe fashion aesthetic enthusiast, your color palette for clothes already includes mustard yellow. But even if you are not, there is no way that you would have passed the fascination for mustard yellow – it has been a trendy color for quite some time now. May be not the hottest color … Read more

Color names starting with B

Baby pink Baby blue Barberry yellow The barberry plant is an evergreen shrub with large bright yellow flowers that bloom in bunches. Barnwood This is the color of weathered wood used to build barns. Banana The color of a yellow banana.   Beryl Green Beryl is the name of a gemstone with a light green … Read more

Color names starting with F

A list of colors that start with the alphabet F. Faded rose Faded rose is a dark shade of red. Fashion Grey This is a warm grey color which is popular in home decoration. Fawn Brown Fawn is usually used to refer to the brown coat of dogs. For eg. a fawn Doberman. Fandango This … Read more

Orange Color – Shades and combinations for clothes 🧡

orange color names

My husband is snarky at the best of times, but every time I wear a particular dark orange top, he doubles up on that. And when I confront him, he blames it all on that ‘orange top’. Yeah, I should tell him off, but does Orange really have something to do with triggering a particular … Read more

Color combinations that go well with RUST COLORED clothes

rust and denim

Do you have a love for very earthy colors? If yes, you must love rust. Rust is a warm deep color with a predominant percentage of red (about 70%). Other words that point to the same color range are terracotta and dark burnt reddish-orange color. If you want to incorporate these colors into your wardrobe, … Read more

Purple color in fashion

different names of purple including plum, lavendar, lilac, periwinkle, wisteria, electric purple, royal purple, grape purple, true purple, soft purple

Purple is a rebel among colors – the result of mixing two colors from the opposite sides of the color spectrum – Red and Blue. Red is a fiery, warm color, and blue is a calm, soothing cool color. When you mix these two colors, you get purple. Purple is not the most popular color … Read more

Warm colors in fashion

What are warm colors? Red, orange, and yellow and all the colors in between them, like pinks, and reddish-purple in a color wheel, are called warm colors. When you look at a color wheel, if you are a little familiar with it, you will sense an invisible line dividing the circular color spectrum; on the … Read more

Cool Colors in fashion : Color combinations for your clothes

There is no denying that cool colors are all pervasive colors – water is blue, the sky is blue, and the rest of the earth is green. And when we feel passionate, our mood is a soft purple. Cool colors belong to the blue color family; categorically speaking, one side of the color wheel; they … Read more

Choosing the right Brown Color for clothes

brown color shade clothes

Brown is a trending color today but then, it has never been out of fashion. Today, brown seems to be loved more than ever. Everyone seems to have acknowledged the power of brown as a classic, sophisticated, elegant, and timeless color. If you want to be known as a person with a steady and solid … Read more

30+ Color names starting with A

Absinthe Absinthe is the name of a spirit originally made in Czech Republic. The color name absinthe is from the color of this spirit. It can have a yellow tone or a greener tone. Acajou This is a brown color with a hint of red. It is famous as a hair color Adriatic This is … Read more

Black color in fashion

Do you have a dress in your wardrobe that you can count on to make you look and feel great whatever the occasion or time of the day or year? There is a fair chance that it is BLACK in color. You can stand out in black or fade away in it. It is a … Read more

Color Theory : An overview

What is Color theory? The color theory is a collection of rules and guidelines used by designers to analyze different colors, and study the effects these colors have on each other and then mix different colors to get the right color combinations and use them effectively to create a design that communicates effectively with its … Read more

Different categories of Colors

Colors color our whole life. Imagine a life without color – so lifeless. We come across hundreds of different types of colors every day of our life but do not attribute any deeper meaning to all these colors unless we are in a really contemplative mood. But when you think about it there is harmony … Read more

Pink Color in fashion {Shades of pink}

Shades of pink Do you have a perception in your mind about pink? The thing is that whatever you think of pink if you ask another person it may be completely different from what you think. Some consider pink as everything-cute, but for some it is a bold, scandalous and shocking color, for some it … Read more

Ombre colors

Ombre refers to the gradual blending of one color to another or a gradual change of light color to dark.  This term is used in textile printing to refer to dyeing the yarn or fabric to this color effect or printing on the fabric surface to get this effect. Fabric can be woven with dyed … Read more

Green color and its different shades in fashion

In cartoon shows, evil power almost always glows green. You will mention someone as sickly green when he is ill. If you are in the racing profession, where life and death are a matter of seconds and luck, green is considered unlucky. In British folklore green is associated with witches. You may want me to … Read more

All the shades of White Color in Fashion

When I think of a well-groomed, immaculately dressed person, I always have the image of one dressed in a white shirt; always! The color of the first dress of a baby is almost always white. A lot of brides do not think beyond white for their wedding day. When a doctor wears white, it reassures … Read more

Grey color – Different shades in fashion

grey color shades in clothes.

Grey or Gray ( it can be spelled either, depending on where you are in the world) is one of the most neutral of all colors on earth – it figures, as it comes somewhere between the colors black and white.  In fashion and everywhere, Grey is perceived as the color of wisdom, dependability, practicality, … Read more

Different shades of blue in fashion (& the best Blue color combinations)

Blue is an unavoidable color in most of our wardrobe. Ask a number of people their favourite color and many will mention ‘blue’. It is the color of dependability, stability and trust, consistency, authority and strength.  Many brand logos have the color blue (think Facebook)- a testimony to the power of blue color to impart … Read more

Shades of Yellow color in fashion: 7 colors that go well with it.

When you think of yellow, you think of happiness, energy and youthfulness. The color of all the smileys and suns that you have ever painted. It is a color that can instantly cheer you up. And this color is a full on attention grabber. All these uplifting qualities are well utilized when it is used … Read more