The beauty of all shades of NEUTRAL COLORS (& I love them all)

neutral color family - white, black, beige and grey

As per the Dictionary, Neutral means “having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features”. This is the philosophy behind Neutral colors too. These colors have no affinity to any particular hue/color – they are without any color.  Generally, this term is used to define colors that are not prominently shown in the color wheel. … Read more

Color names in fashion : Reference guide for 100+ colours

This post gives you the names of different colors and how they look like. Have you ever been at a loss describing the correct name you have in your mind, anywhere? Then this post is for you. When I reached the wonderfully stocked fabric store I started blabbering – “Ba ba ba”. I had forgotten … Read more

Red Color shades and the best combinations in colors

If you wear Red, you may be counted as a communist or a prostitute, or a bride depending on where you are. I do acknowledge the power of Red and personally never jump to such judgemental conclusions. But these pre-conceived notions on red do exist. Red is strong. Red is controversial. AND Red is fashionable. … Read more

15 Color combinations for Clothes

Since the time I learned about the 7 colors of the rainbow and all the colors in between, I have been fascinated by colors one way or the other. The color wheel is the phenomenon that explains it all. So here is the ubiquitous Color wheel, seemingly simple but hidden beneath it, the whole visual … Read more