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Bandhani Prints and printing on fabrics

bandhani prints

In Hindi, the term ‘Bandhan’ means ‘tie’ and ‘Bandhna’ means ‘to tie’. It is a no-brainer that in textile dyeing, Bandhani (Hindi: बांधनी) is the art of tying and then dyeing. But there is something special about this type of tie-dyeing called bandhani. The patterns are small and several and can be specifically arranged to … Read more

Stone wash jeans : How to Do-it-yourself at home.

stone wash jeans

If you remember stonewashed jeans of the 1980s, you would also remember the craze it was. And the trend for distressed faded jeans never died. Today, If you like faded, distressed, and soft, light blue jeans in the place of dark, stiff jeans but like a do-it-yourself route to this, rather than buying them for … Read more

How to tie dye spirals on fabric

spirals in tie dye

A spiral tie dye pattern is the quintessential tie dye pattern of all. The moment you think of tie and dye this is the pattern that comes to mind. They are usually multi colored in the brightest colors you know of, in a swirl of a pattern that gives you a headache. The kind that … Read more

Shibori Dyeing Technique

Shibori is a Japanese resist dyeing technique of manually binding, stitching, folding, or clamping the fabric to produce desired patterns. The final result is a variety of beautiful patterns on fabric. It consists of many techniques for dyeing fabrics cheaply in different patterns. Different Shibori techniques Nui Shibori Nui Shibori involves stitching and dyeing.  A … Read more

Arashi Shibori Fabric Dyeing technique : Tutorial

In Japan, Arashi (pronounced AA -Raa-SHiy) means storm. It is also interpreted as wind-driven rain – the type of rain that falls sideways when there is a storm. Arashi shibori is a resist-dyeing technique in the tradition of bomaki (pole wrap) shibori, which produces diagonal stripes that look like rain on the fabric. It is … Read more

Sublimation Vs. Screen Printing : Which is the best?

Sublimation and screen printing are two of the most popular methods for printing on fabric. With the increasing popularity of printing beautiful designs on t-shirts, these two methods have gained immense popularity. Depending on your application, both techniques produce visually appealing results with many advantages particular to each method. But it is very easy to … Read more

Nui Shibori- Stitched-Resist Shibori technique for dyeing fabric

This post is about the different ways to do stitch-resist dyeing following the ancient Japanese resist dyeing technique known as Shibori. Let me warn you first – Nui shibori is a time-consuming dyeing technique, and on top of it, it is captivating. A deadly combination. If you get into it, you will be at it … Read more

What is Sublimation printing? Why is it so loved?

Sublimation is a fabric printing process in which images are printed using special ink on special transfer paper with specialized machines, and then they are heat pressed into the fabric. It results in printing high-definition intricately made designs on fabric which is permanent. The method can only be used on polyester or polyester blended fabrics. … Read more

Different types of Textile Dyeing

Dyeing process refers to the interaction between dye and fibers, resulting in the transfer of dye into the fibers (through absorption, diffusion, precipitation).  Most of the dyeing processes are meant to transfer color onto the fabric surface in an even manner. There are many ways to dye fabric depending on the dye used, the fabric … Read more

Indigo Dyeing

The color indigo is part and parcel of our lives – as much as jeans are. Think of denim and what comes first to our mind is the beautiful indigo shade of the fabric. The indigo color that you see on denim fabric (warp thread of denim fabric is dyed to indigo color) is a … Read more

How to sew Applique designs on T-shirts

  Applique is a wonderful way to customize t-shirts. And a very easy way to do it. You can showcase all kinds of designs including letters and numbers and beautiful floral designs on to your fabric with applique. A t-shirt is the perfect blank-canvas for this. Here are some ideas. There are 2 main steps … Read more

Tea and Coffee dyeing : For that Vintage look

Pure white is considered angelic, pure, and divine. But not everyone is keen on being this otherworldly. I prefer something which is more earthbound and natural – a fabric that looks as it has naturally aged. If you are like me in your love for the vintage look and want to go the natural route … Read more

How to use Iron-on Heat transfer patches/stickers on clothes

An easy way to transfer clothing into ‘something beautiful’ instantly is to apply the easily available iron-on heat transfer stickers/patches on them. Plain clothing and accessories like a t-shirt or skirt or mask and even umbrellas and bags can be perked up with these easy-to-apply stickers or patches with heat transfer backings. Drab to Fab, … Read more

How to bleach your jeans to a light color FAST

Everyone deserves a makeover – even your jeans. A very inexpensive and effective makeover you can do with your jeans is to use bleach on them. If you are tired of wearing the same dark washed plain jeans and want to transform it into a new light-colored one or just want to lighten your dark … Read more

Jeans Washes & Surface treatments (12 important types)

Jeans are a staple in most of our wardrobes and need no introduction but we all have different tastes in jeans. And there is something that differentiates the many different types of jeans out there other than the plain dark indigo colored raw jeans – the washes or the finishes that the denim undergoes during … Read more

Rosette : 4 easy ways to make rosettes for badges, brooches etc

What is a Rosette? A Rosette is a fabric flower made by pleating or gathering fabric to make it look like a rose flower. It is usually used to make cockades which are badges worn as a mark of honor or accomplishment and also as an embellishment on clothes, on hair accessories, on bags and … Read more

How to Dip Dye fabric to Ombré shades

Dip Dyeing is dipping and dyeing, simple. If you love the ombre shading, dip dyeing is an easy way to go at it. The Ombre dip dying technique produces a gradient shade from dark color to light color or from one color to another. Related post : What is ombre color? You just need to … Read more

What is Pirn in textile weaving?

Pirn is a reel on which the weft thread is wound for weaving. It is an integral part of weaving fabrics. The pirn is a long and thin rode made of wood or plastic but its dimension is fixed by the dimensions of the shuttle it is placed in. The weft is wound on the … Read more

Pinwheel block Sewing Tutorial for patchwork, quilts and applique

A whirling Pinwheel is a good reminiscence of most of our childhoods. We all have made a paper pinwheel at one point in our lives – to entertain ourselves or to make another impressed or keep a kid occupied. This particular pinwheel doesnot whirl like the original, but it is a fascinating pattern to replicate. … Read more