Fiber & Fabric Crafts

Kumihimo Braiding

Kumihimo (組紐) is the Japanese craft of making plaited cords /braids. If you look up the word ‘Kumihimo’ in dictionary, it says ‘braided cord’. I have read elsewhere that it means “gathering of threads”. It is the ancient japanese art of gathering different threads to make beautiful interlaced round cords/flat braids. Kumihimo – History Braids … Read more

How to use Iron-on Heat transfer patches/stickers on clothes

An easy way to transfer clothing into ‘something beautiful’ instantly is to apply the easily available iron-on heat transfer stickers/patches on them. Plain clothing and accessories like a t-shirt or skirt or mask and even umbrellas and bags can be perked up with these easy-to-apply stickers or patches with heat transfer backings. Drab to Fab, … Read more

How to bleach your jeans to a light color FAST

Everyone deserves a makeover – even your jeans. A very inexpensive and effective makeover you can do with your jeans is to use bleach on them. If you are tired of wearing the same dark washed plain jeans and want to transform it into a new light-colored one or just want to lighten your dark … Read more

Felting : How to do it properly in 10 steps

What is felting? There are 3 types of felting that a fiber/fabric lover does. 1. First is, Felting as a non-woven fabric making process in which fibers are compressed, matted, and joined together, by applying heat, moisture, agitation, and a good amount of pressure. The resultant fabric is called felt, a dense fabric made of … Read more

Make your own FABRIC BEADS

fabric beads

If you are into DIY with fabric (anything, like sewing, embroidering, felting, knitting, crafting) I bet that you will want to make these cute fabric beads. I never like limits and I have found that with fabric beads there are no limits – there are unlimited possibilities in making these beads. I will list the … Read more

Jeans Washes & Surface treatments (12 important types)

Jeans are a staple in most of our wardrobes and need no introduction but we all have different tastes in jeans. And there is something that differentiates the many different types of jeans out there other than the plain dark indigo colored raw jeans – the washes or the finishes that the denim undergoes during … Read more

7 Strand Braid :Tutorial

If you have got all those 7 strands, you have got to be confused. But this braid is anything but confusing. It is one of the simplest braids you can make. Just 2 moves done right and you have a thick flat braid in your hands.  Take your 7 strands. I always tape or pin … Read more

DIY Napkin Ring : 2 easy Tutorials with fabric and yarn

Setting the table for a meal, after you have made those scrumptious dishes, and got your best tableware and cutlery out, is not complete without arranging the napkins attractively. A napkin ring is a simple, effective and beautiful way to do this – a real time saver. It saves you the trouble of folding the … Read more

Square knot :Tutorial

The square knot is one of the most important basic knots you should know if you are into crafting, sewing, and making things generally. It is a very important knot in doing macrame projects – in fact, one of the two most important knots in macrame work. In jewelry making this knot is used to … Read more

Rosette : 4 easy ways to make rosettes for badges, brooches etc

What is a Rosette? A Rosette is a fabric flower made by pleating or gathering fabric to make it look like a rose flower. It is usually used to make cockades which are badges worn as a mark of honor or accomplishment and also as an embellishment on clothes, on hair accessories, on bags and … Read more

Different types of Seed beads

  Small glass beads with small holes – that is what I would describe the seed beads as. These beads were once made as an inexpensive replacement for small natural pearls less than 2mm in diameter which were and still is called as seed pearls – that is how they got this name. Today they … Read more

The Double Half Hitch Knot

Double Half hitch is a knot in which, as the name itself suggests, 2 half hitch knots are made. In Macrame, this knot is a very important element – considered the most basic, starter knot for a lot of macrame projects. The half hitch knot is made on a cord (the holding cord), one after … Read more

How to make Beaded Patches

tutorial to make beaded patches.

Step 1. The base of your beaded patch can be cut out of felt (my first choice) or Ultrasuede or any fabric. Some even use buckram as the base. I would use a material that does not ravel much. A nylon tricot material can also be used if you want a flexible patch. You can … Read more

Lark’s head knot :Tutorial

Lark’s Head Knot is an easy and very effective strong knot with which you can attach cords/thread to another cord, a stick or a ring. In jewelry making this is an oft-used knot- The kind of no-fuss knot which you will use to hang a pendant on your cord necklace and to attach fasteners at … Read more

How to Dip Dye fabric to Ombré shades

Dip Dyeing is dipping and dyeing, simple. If you love the ombre shading, dip dyeing is an easy way to go at it. The Ombre dip dying technique produces a gradient shade from dark color to light color or from one color to another. Related post : What is ombre color? You just need to … Read more

What is Pirn in textile weaving?

Pirn is a reel on which the weft thread is wound for weaving. It is an integral part of weaving fabrics. The pirn is a long and thin rode made of wood or plastic but its dimension is fixed by the dimensions of the shuttle it is placed in. The weft is wound on the … Read more

5 Simple Designs for Beaded Tapes & How to make your own designs

Bling is all the trend nowadays and beaded tapes can be the ultimate in bling. If you want to bring in that 2000s flashiness that is all the rage now, incorporate these shimmery beaded tapes in your fashion. They can also look understated and elegant when made with subtle colored beads and used as trims … Read more

Make Beaded Bracelets : 7 easy ways

Beaded bracelets are the end game in bracelets. The most simple single-string beaded bracelets to mutliple layered beaded bracelets – we have all had these at one point or the other. Bead bracelet ideas You can make beaded bracelets in many ways – all of them quite easy (Yes, some are quite difficult, but I … Read more

Types of Bracelets

A bracelet is a jewlery that encircles the wrist – it is usually a somewhat flexible band of material wrapped around the wrist. It can be made of leather, metal, plastic, beads or even paper, but that is not it. There are many different purposes to wearing it, ways of wearing it, and accordingly many … Read more