Fiber & Fabric Crafts

Bobbin work – An easy way to stitch with thick thread

Do you have a box full of beautiful thick thread, yarn, and ribbon which you know can be used for decorating the fabric you have but would not go through your sewing machine needle and you are too lazy to painstakingly stitch it by handwork. I understand.This is where bobbin work comes to the rescue. … Read more

Refashion and Embellish Your Jeans (18 easy ideas)

The once interesting colour of your jeans gets to be mind numbingly boring after a point. Especially if you own more than 3 pairs of the same colour. And if you have a DIY orientation in your brain. I “have to” take out my craft tools on these jeans to make them more interesting – … Read more

How to applique with sewing machine – A Beginner’s Guide (12 techniques)

machine applique

Applique is a beautiful fabric embellishing technique in which fabric pieces are layered over the fabric to create beautiful designs. The fabric pieces are stitched to the background fabric with several decorative stitches like zig-zag, satin stitches, or buttonhole stitches. You can do applique work by hand as well as by machine. High-end Embroidery machines and … Read more

How to sew Sequins to fabric : 10 Best & easy ways

sew sequins

I love Sequins. If you want bling, it is almost always SEQUINS for me. They are the ultimate in inexpensive glitter and sparkle. Sequins spell glamour, don’t you think so? Most of the T-shirts for girls now come embellished with sequins. They are on jeans, bags, barrettes, jackets, and even shoes. Even when there are … Read more

Fabric Block printing – A DIY guide

fabric block printing

Block printing on fabric  Woodblock printing of textiles refers to the textile printing technique of printing patterns on fabric with carved wooden blocks. It is the oldest textile printing technique and the easiest. As early as the 14th century, Indians have been block printing, and in China, even earlier. Block printing is supposed to have … Read more

Decorating & manipulating fabric (50+ techniques)

  I used to love crafts and painting when I was young. Then my attention turned to fabric and there was no looking back. For me, nothing even comes closer to fabric and sewing in exploring creativity. Sewing allows me to play with color and do all the things I love and more; maybe more … Read more

How to make PATCHES (10 ways)

make fabric patches

Sew-on and iron-on badges or letters/sayings, name patches – all of these are things you can always make use of – for embellishing, mending a hole, displaying your loyalty, or just a declaration of your attitude. Instead of relying on store-bought ones, you can make them just the way you want and the exact size … Read more

How to fix rhinestones on clothes – Sew & No sew methods

Rhinestones are jewels for clothes. They sparkle the same way as diamonds and transforms the look of clothes the same way that accessories do. If you are wearing a brilliant rhinestone-studded dress no need for any extra jewelry. These flat-backed glass stones can make all the difference to your outfit. If you have decided to … Read more

55 Different types of BEADS for bead embroidery and jewelry making

Do you know that beads have been found in graves of men who died a long time ago – like thousands of years ago. Check out a recent report here in – Researchers have discovered three glass beads from a Fifth Century burial site in Japan. In Africa glass beads have been found which … Read more

Make a BEAD BUTTON – easy way

This post is about making buttons from beads. Beads are beautiful. If you can incorporate these beads as functional elements to your clothes, it will be so very nice. Attaching beads as buttons adds a special texture to your garment. It is great that you get beads in different colours, shapes and textures, much more … Read more

FRINGE TRIMS – Learn to make and sew them (11 types)

DIY fringe trims.

Fringes refer to an ornamental border of threads left loose from a raveled edge or looped threads, cords, beads, threads, or tassels attached from a separate strip, used as a fabric trim. This accent is one of those finishing touches which look beautiful on most clothes. The fringe has a decorative heading, usually about 3/4 … Read more

Make gorgeous FABRIC BOWS (7 easy tutorials -3rd is my favorite)

making fabric bows

This post details different types of hair bows and how to make them. Fabric bows are awesome and habit-forming – Let me warn you before you start making them. Make one, and all your scraps will become bows. That is called ‘the curse of the bows.’ Yes, I have been reading too many Victoria Holts. … Read more

Make your own fabric CLOTHING LABELS (2 easy ways)

how to make your own clothing labels.

Clothing labels give that final professional finishing touch to your sewn garment. They are a necessity if you are selling the sewn articles to others. I sometimes make these labels with my kids’ names as a sort of identification on their clothes. They also proudly mark the clothes sewn by me as my own.   … Read more

How to make a Turk’s Head Knot

To make a Turk’s head knot you need a cord of at least 100 cms Step 1 Fold by half and start with that loop formed at the fold, left end under the right end . Most of the cord should be on the right side rather than the left. Step 2 Now take the left … Read more

TASSELS (7 easy ways to make them)


DIY Tassels – Make them to decorate your clothes. Tassels are a bunch of fibers grouped and tied at the top, making them look like a flower. It is used at the end of a cord to hide the ends and as a decorative element in accessories, home decor, and at the time, even clothes. … Read more

FABRIC TRIMS used in sewing

types of fabric trims used in sewing.

Fabric trims are accents that add an extra finishing touch to your sewing. They turn your finished garments /accessories from ordinary to extraordinary. Fabric trims are available in all forms – simple as well as very ornate. These trims make perfect embellishments for a variety of garments like the edges of your scarves and dupattas, … Read more

FABRIC NECKLACES (20+ free DIY patterns)

This post lists a collection of tutorials to make beautiful fabric necklaces. Wearing necklaces with any outfit can totally transform its look. This is especially true if your outfit seems a little dull; you can lift it to a very very different level of fashion by accessorizing it with a necklace. Be it a top, … Read more