Garment & Fabric care

How to clean Suede Leather

This post is about caring for suede and cleaning it once it gets dirty. Suede is a fuzzy surfaced leather closely resembling a soft napped fabric and so different from any other leather you are familiar with. This is so because suede is made of the underside of the animal skin. What I mean is …

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How to use a Steam Iron properly

Which fabrics can be pressed with a steam iron? All fabrics cannot be ironed – this is a fact. Some will not take the heat of an iron and remain the same, like fabrics with texture, and coated fabrics. Some will be destroyed completely like leather or faux leather. Some materials can be manipulated with …

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What are Fabric Softeners ?

Everyone wants clean-smelling soft clothes – which do not irritate the skin, which will flow over the body without clinging to the skin, and announces to everyone with their sweet fragrance that you are wearing new clean clothes. Soft and fluffy towels are much better than those brittle ones dried out in the sun. Not …

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