How to tie your Shoelaces – 5 different ways

How to lace your shoes ; Different ways to add a variety and beauty to the way you tie up your shoes

When you buy shoes, they are already laced – in a pretty decent way. Some live the whole shoe life like this. But at times, you may want to take out the laces and try to tie them up yourself, in the many innovative ways that you know exists – and it seem there are infinite possibilities of lacing those shoes.

But before your mind boggles and you decide to just leave them as they are, here are some simple but still nice ways.

tie lace of shoes

Straight lacing

how tie a shoe lace

This lacing gives you simple straight rows of lacing with only one crossing of the lace inside. Follow the arrows to do the lacing for the left lace. 

how tie a shoelace

The blue arrow indicates the direction you should follow for the right lace.

how tie shoelaces

Another version of Straight lacing 

shoe lacing

This is a very secure way of making the straight lacing. More criss crosses appear inside than for the previous one.

how to tie a shoe lace
how to lace your shoes

Side straight Lacing

lace shoes

This is a very neat looking uncluttered lacing with straight lines on either side.

For making this begin by making the bottom lacing from the inside as in the picture below. Then come up from the side eyelets and thread to the eyelet just above. 

how to tie lace of shoes

Cross the Laces and come up through the holes on either sides. 

how to tie shoes

Make the straight lacing again.

shoe lace tying

Make the cross lacing again, and then come up through the top eyelets.

shoe lace tying

Bow tie Lacing 

shoe lacing

This lacing looks like you have bows ties on the shoes. 

Do the straight lacing on the bottom eyelets as usual. Come up from the eyelets just above as in the picture below.

Cross the laces.

Then go down then come up through the eyelets above; Cross the lace. Come down through the eyelets. 

how to lace your shoes

The standard way of tying the shoelace

This is usually how you get your shoes laced from the shop. To do this lacing, you start from the bottom ; get your lace folded by half and insert the two ends through the last two eyelets, as in the picture below.

lace your shoes
shoe lacing

Now cross the lace and bring it up.

shoe lace tying

Now cross it again and bring it up from the eyelets as in the picture below.

Cross it again and bring it up again.

shoe lace tying

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