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Thank you for reading this, which I take to mean that you would like to share your expertise with us and share your love of sewing  with thousands of readers of sewguide. Welcome

When you write for sewguide you get an opportunity of exposure for your blog or brand to our eager readers; and we and the many readers of sewguide.com gets an article which will add to their passion and knowledge of sewing and fashion

The guidelines for posting are as follows.

.The article must be written by you, not duplicated or copy pasted or rehashed from somewhere else, online or offline ; not even from your blog. The article must not be previously  published anywhere else nor will it be after it appears on sewguide.com, unless as a link 

.The article is related to sewing and  / or fabric care and / or sewing machines and / or embroidery - relevant to the subjects of the site; preferably a tutorial for making a project or describing a technique

.  The article must have a minimum word count of 1000 words.

. The article must have relevant photos taken by you ; Donot attach photos taken from any free sites or paid sites ( like Flickr, creative commons, wiki pixabay etc). Only original photos are accepted

. The photos that accompany the article should be of high resolution and good quality as well as relevant

. The article must be spell checked and grammar checked and in proper English

. The article can be linked to your blog, facebook profile or your facebook page. You can add the links in the content or the author info.  Not to commercial sites or affiliate sites. You can add links to relevant references if you think it is needed. sewguide.com reserves the right to remove any link   if it seems inappropriate or add more links where relevant.

. The article should not be an advertisement cloaked as a post. Sorry. 

. The article may be edited by us before publishing if we think it is required.

. The article can include a photo attached of you with some relevant description.

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