Can you fold Fabric into a Wine Bag ? Make a tall gift bag with minimal sewing

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Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sangiovese, homemade wine – which wine are you gifting this time? It matters a great deal to a wine connoisseur. But it doesn’t matter when it comes to making a gift bag for gifting a wine bottle.

Though there are some inconsistencies in the dimensions of wine bottles, most all wine bottles come in a dimension of about 3 1/2 inches round and 12- 12.5 inches tall. So let us get into to the business that matters – making the wine bag with these dimensions and nothing else. Let the lucky receiver bother about the contents of the wine bottle.

How to make a wine bag – with fabric and minimum sewing

Take your fabric piece. It should be a tightly woven fabric .You also need handles for the bag and super glue.

I stiffened the fabric with fabric laundry stiffener and then adhered thin interfacing to the back to make my fabric stand stiff.

You can read more about using the fabric stiffener in this post – 9 easy to make homemade laundry stiffeners.

Cut out the fabric in the dimension 18 inch by 13 1/2 inch.

wine bag diy

Stiffen the fabric. Apply the interfacing to the back.

Fold the top edge of the fabric to the inside.

Fold the fabric by the middle right sides to the inside and join the short edges (13 1/2 inch side) -the red line is the sewing line. 

Press the seam allowance open. You may also want to glue the seam allowance to the fabric so that it doesn’t jut out.

Bring right side out and keep it in front of you – seam to the back – the picture below.

Mark 4 1/2 inch from the middle and fold the sides to the inside – if you know origami you would call it the water bomb fold – when you fold this way the front and the back base will be 4 1/2 inches – the rest is folded to the inside.

wine bag diy

Press to keep the fold.

Now take up the bottom part – mark 2 inches up from the bottom edge.

Fold the bottom edge as in the picture below

wine bag

Fold the other edge also same way so that it meets in the middle. Ensure that there is a slight overlap. Use super glue to fix the overlapping position.

make a wine bag

You will have triangular projections on either side.

Fold that to the top of the glued portion and use super glue to fix this too. Be thorough with glue application – your bottle should be secure inside.

wine bag tutorial

You can add a 4 inch square piece of cardboard as a base to rest your wine bottle.

Insert the cardboard

Now You need to attach handles. You can sew webbing to the top edge as you would do for any bag, or as I have done, simply insert lace or string. Cut 2 of these 11-14 inches in length.

I have made two holes (very small) on the top portion ( where the top edge is folded). Inserted the lace through these holes (used a needle with a very large eye for this- you do not want the hole to be big)

Tie the ends on the inside to prevent the handles from slipping out.That is it.

wine bag diy

Disclaimer – This gift bag may not hold the weight of the wine if you carry it with the full bottle inside for a long time – depending on the hold of the glue you have used to secure the bottom. With a super glue used on the whole seam, this may not be an issue. 

If you use a shorter fabric piece you can use the same tutorial for making small gift bags for other gifts too.

Check out the post on fabric gift bags for other tutorials to make fabric bags you can use to carry gifts.You can use a fully sewn gift bag to carry your wine.

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    The edges of the bottom is folded to the middle and the sides that will project out is folded to the bottom and glued in place. Can you try it with paper – so that you can get the fold. Actually it is modelled on a paper bag .

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