Beaded Snowflakes – Easy Tutorials

Here are some easy ways to make beaded snowflakes.

Wire frame beaded snowflake

beaded snowflakes

Cut out 3 equal length wires. Remember, a snowflake has 6 spokes.

Make a metal frame for your snowflake by twisting these 3 long metal wires by the middle.

beaded snowflakes

Add beads on this frame – you can use big and small beads for this.

beaded snowflakes

At the tip make a closed loop to protect the beads from falling off. Use a plier or a blunt scissors for this.

You can add a flat bead to the middle to hide the twisted wire. 

You can further embellish your snowflake with more strings of beads between the spokes of the snowflake.

Add a string of seed beads connecting the rays, somewhere at the middle of each ray. Ensure that the string of beads is just enough to cover the distance between the rays of your snowflake.

Beaded Snowflake Motif 

These snowflakes motifs can be great on their own hanging or attached to clothes as embellishment

Take up 5 seed beads on your beading needle.

beaded snowflakes

Take up the needle through the first bead, as in the picture below.

snowflakes with beads

Tighten it to get the flower shape.

make a snowflake with bead

Take a bigger bead and then the 5 seed beads on the needle.

diy beaded snowflake

Take up the needle through the first bead again as you did earlier. Tighten – now you have two flower shapes. Take big bead and 5 seed beads again. 

how to make beaded snowflakes

Make the same flowers again and again till you have 6 big beads and 6 small flowers. (You will have to add one big bead singly at last to get the numbers right). Now take up the needle through the first bead , joining the round shape. 

make beaded snowflakes

You can stop at that or continue adding big or small beads on top the same way. I just added one big bead on top of the flower shapes. 

beaded snowflakes

Seed Bead Snowflake

Another simple method to make a beaded snowflake.

beaded snow
beaded snowflakes
beaded snow flakes

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