DIY Napkin Ring : 2 easy Tutorials with fabric and yarn

Setting the table for a meal, after you have made those scrumptious dishes, and got your best tableware and cutlery out, is not complete without arranging the napkins attractively.

A napkin ring is a simple, effective and beautiful way to do this – a real time saver. It saves you the trouble of folding the napkins into intricate patterns each time you have guests coming over. The decorative element of your DIY napkin ring will be enough to impress them.

Here are some simple ways to make napkin rings, other than those store-bought ones, in metal, wood, and what-have-you.

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How to make Napkin rings

Simple fabric napkin rings

This is a very simple method of making napkin rings.

napkin ring diy

Cut out a fabric piece and a stiff interfacing piece of this dimension – 5 1/2 inches by 2 inches.

Cut out a strip of fabric 2 inches wide and 5.5 inches and also interfacing for this

Adhere the interfacing to the back of your fabric.

Embellish the fabric the way you want – whatever you do, ensure that there are some stitches or some trim along the long edges of your fabric.

sclloped edges sewn to the edge

Here I have made some decorative scallop stitches on the edge – with the decorative stitch option on my sewing machine. Most sewing machines have them – but we seldom use them. Now is your time.

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Do this for both the edges. Fold the fabric by half right sides together and join the short edges together to form your napkin ring. Turn it right side out. Cut off any stray thread. 

sew the short edges together

Another option is to hand stitch the edges for a different handmade look.

sew blanket stitches to the edge and add some charms/knicknacks

I have made buttonhole stitches on the edge.

The buttonhole stitch is a variation of the blanket stitch – but with a small knot at the edge. Follow the steps given below or this buttonhole stitch tutorial for learning how to do this.

blanket stitching edge made on the napkin ring - start from one edge
stitch buttonhole edge to napkin ring -make a loop around the needle
napkin ring stitching of edge with buttonhole stitches or blanket stitches

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Macrame napkin ring

macrame work rings for the napkins

Macrame is all about tying simple knots with threads and it is very easy to make a napkin ring with macramé. You will need a wooden ring and some cotton macramé cord, that is all. And some time

In this project we will use 4 mm single cord and a 5 mm diameter wooden ring.

This napkin ring can be made out of the most basic knots of macrame – Lark’s head stitch, Square knot and Double half hitch knots. If you do not know how to make these knots, go and learn at these pages. 

Cut enough cord and take a wooden ring

Materials required for making one such napkin ring: 

  • Wooden ring
  • 4 mm thick single macrame cord – 5 Nos. in 70cm length (You can make it with twisted or three ply macramé cord also).
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Comb

Step 1 : First step is to fold each thread or cord into half and attach them to the wooden ring using Lark’s head knot.

make larks head knot with 5 cords

Step 2 : Leave the two end cords and tie two square knot with remaining 8 cords.

make square knots with the rest of the thread

Step 3 :Leave three cords each on both ends. Take the four cords in the middle and tie a square knot.

tie a square knot with the middle cords

This is your alternate square knot. 

alternate square knot is made

Step 4 :Next step is making diagonal half hitch knots from both sides to make a V shape.

Divide the cords into sets of five. From the left hand five cords, take the left extreme end cord and place it diagonally over the remaining four cords. 

the left side cord placed diagonally over the other cords

Step 5 :Repeat the double half hitch knots till you complete the fourth cord on the left side. 

make double half hitch knots

Step 6 :Now let us make double half hitches with the cords on the right hand side doing the same steps. This makes a V shape.

make half hotch knots from the other side as well

Step 7 :Let us repeat one more set of double half hitches to make a second V.

repeat more half hitch knots

Step 8 :Now, trim the ends to make all cords equal in length. 

trim the cord

Step 9 :Now that our knots are complete and ends are trimmed , it is time to fringe the ends. Use a comb to separate the strands. Be careful not to comb the knots above.

Once they are fringed, give it a final trim with the scissors if necessary.

use a comb to seperate the cord into fringes for your napkin ring

Your napkin ring is ready.

trim again

If you want your napkin ring to be bigger increase the rows of double hitch knots – you will have to take longer cords for this.

insert your napkin inside the macrame cord napkin ring

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