Make super cute and sturdy Rug with rope and fabric scraps (Tutorial)

DIY rope rug with fabric scraps

Do you have lots of un-donatable clothes which you still do not want to dump in the landfills – these rope rugs are the best project for making use of them

There is one thing though – you need lots of patience for making it and the time. I re-watched some episodes of my favourite korean webseries while making it, so wasn’t bothered with the time or anything. To make a big rug I would have to watch the whole series.

What do you need to make the Rope Rug?

  • Coir rope or whatever rope you have
  • Fabric remenants from old clothes cut into 1 inch or so strips (all should be of the same width, but can be different in length)
  • A plastic needle with large hole (usually found in a knitting kit)

Coir rope, fabric scraps and a needle with big hole

The fabric strips can be any length – you will be joining them to the working fabric strip as you make the rug, so need to bother about the length. If you have a pattern in mind you can cut the fabric strips as you work and join

How to make the Rope-fabric scrap rug

Step 1.

Coil the rope into a round and tie in place.

Make a small loop at the end of the coir rope and tie in place

Step 2

Start to coil the fabric strip over the look. Ensure that the right side of the fabric strip is outside and it is not twisting on itself.

Start to wind the fabric strip around the coir rope loop
Start to wind the fabric strip around the coir rope loop

When you reach the junction of the round loop thread the other end of your fabric strip.

Thread needle with the edge of the fabric strip

Step 3

There is special stitching that you should do to keep the coils of the rope together- this is done with the fabric strip and the needle

After the first loop is covered with the fabric, and you start coiling the rope over the first one, then you should start the looping/stitching or whatever you call it

First you will be taking the needle through the middle hole and bring the rope to the first layer with this.

After this make one single twist over the rope (Picture below).

Rop rug with fabric scraps

Again take the needle through the hole and over the rope.

Step 4

When you have moved past 2 layers of rope you should insert the needle from the back as in the picture below to stitch the layers together. 

After doing this twist the strip over the rope on its own ; then continue making one stitch as earlier.

Step 5

When you reach the end of your fabric strip you will have to join other fabric strip to this; Stitching it is tedious. A simple way is to knot it like this –

Make small holes on the two fabric strips

Keep the new strip on top of the fabric strip on your rug. ALign the holes

Thread a needle on the other end of the new fabric strip

bring the needle up from the bottom through the holes

Insert the needle from the bottom through the hole

Tighten the knot – this will join the fabric strips somewhat neatly without sewing 

Step 6

Continue stitching the strips through the coils of the rope – one stitch through the layer of rope below and then one coil on the top rope and then again one stitch.

Continue round and round till the whole thing is finished

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Author: Sarina Tariq

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