Make easy Woven Bead Pendant

Step by step tutorial to make a simple easy to make woven bead pendant with just some seed beads, thread and needle.
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woven bead pendant step by step tutorial

Imagine wearing pendants according to your mood every day in different designs. You can make these yourself in no time with seed beads and a hand sewing needle and thread

How to make a bead pendant by weaving seed beads with needle and thread

  1. Mark your design on graph paper

    Using sketch pens (or pencil) mark the design according to the pattern you have in mind. After you have designed it, you can lay out the necessary beads according to your design for your convenience. Each grid on the graph paper is considered as one bead. Remember seed beads are very small, so mark accordingly. graph paper can be used to chart the design for the pendant

  2. Thread the needle with beads

    Take enough seed beads on your needle and thread to fill the first row of your design. I needed 9 beads for my first row so I took those 9 beads on the needle. Keep the beads to the back of the thread leaving a small thread tail behind.Thread the needle with beads to fill the first row of your design

  3. Take the bead for the next row

    Thread the needle with the first bead for the next rowthread the needle with the first bead needed for the next row

  4. Insert the needle through the last bead of your first row

    You should be doing this from the left. , from the left

  5. Pull it tight

    This will attach the new bead just under the last bead of the first row

  6. Now insert the needle from the right through the new bead
    Bring the needle through the new bead


  7. Pull this tight

    You have your first row started, with the first bead of the second row firmly attached under the last bead of the first row.pull it tight

  8. Now do the same thing again with the next bead

    Insert another bead the same way. Remember to follow the design – the color of the beads you should be adding should be following the markings you have made on the graph paper.

  9. Go up through the top bead
    insert needle through the top bead


  10. Come back through the new bead

    Everything as you did earlier.come back through the new bead

  11. Complete the row and then come back

    When you reach the other side of the design you will be coming the end of the row come back

  12. Do this repeatedly
    weave the beads according to the pattern for the pendant you have marked on the paper


  13. Cut out backing

    I am using a faux leather piece as backing; felt is good enough; Or any other thick fabric.cut out backing that matched the woven bead

  14. Sew the backing and the woven bead piece together

    Keep them together and sew the edges with beads.

  15. Make a small loop for hanging with beads
    woven beaded pendant


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