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10 easy to Sew Christmas Gifts

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There is this one thing for which I will never forgive my husband (along with a hundred other things) – sometime back after a fight with me, he told kids that mama is the Santa! This opened up a Pandora’s box of demands for specific gifts during that Christmas and many many complaints about past gifts.

If you have no such baggage in life or do not have any specific demand to fulfill and if you like sewing, you can make the easy-to-sew things listed in this post and give them with all the love and thoughtfulness that a handmade gift entails.

Easy to sew Christmas Gifts

Gift No. 1

You can sew your own hair accessories – they are easy to make and very much appreciated as a gift. 

Follow these tutorials to make them : How to sew a headband ; Make your own handmade hair accessories from old things at home ; Fabric hairbands {20+ Sewing tutorials}. 

Gift No. 2

Or You can gift a potted plant enclosed in a fabric box you have made yourself.

Follow the tutorial to make this and 2 other types of fabric boxes here.

Gift No. 3

Or You can make cute aprons. 


Follow the tutorials for instructions for making aprons : How to sew a one-size-fits-all apron ; 20 free apron sewing tutorials. Make apron from old jeans; Make cross back apron

Gift No. 4

Or make those things which are always in demand – phone pouches in different colored fabrics to co-ordinate with outfits ; You can also make coin pouches, and other zippered pouches to match.


Tutorials :Make a Phone Purse to carry your phone & some change; How to sew phone pouches- 3 tutorials ; How to hand sew a leather pouch. Make a make up pouch ; Make pencil cases ; Make a zippered pouch; Sew a coin pouch

Gift No. 5

Or sew a simple slouchy reversible jacket


Tutorials :  How to sew a Batwing Shrug; Kimono jacket sewing tutorials

Gift No. 6

You can also buy a diary and make a pretty cover for it. For kids this can be invaluable for planning for the months ahead.

Tutorial : How to cover a book with fabric.

Gift No. 7

Or make simple shopping bags. You can never have enough of shopping bags. With some fabric and a little bit of easy sewing, you can stop the plastic menace and start the habit of using sustainable things for the person you are gifting it to.

Tutorials : Make an easy fabric shopping bag ; Make embroidered shopping bag for shopping ; Sew an Easy tote bag ; Sew a fabric grocery shopping bag.

Gift No. 8

 Another very welcome gift is a wallet. 

Tutorial :  Make a simple fold over wallet

Gift No. 9

You can also make cute scarves and shawls.

Tutorials : Scarf, shawl dimensions ; How to sew scarves- 7 easy tutorials.; How to sew infinity scarves ; How to sew a neck warmer scarf

Gift No. 10

Household linen including table napkins, placemats, towels, bedsheets are always needed in any household. You do not have to think twice before making these as gifts. 

Tutorials : How to sew table napkins ; How to sew a quilted and pieced blanket ; How to sew a baby blanket; How to sew placemats ; How to sew potholders; Make coasters; Make napkin rings – 2 ways

napkin rings tutorial

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