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Start selling your sewn products on FACEBOOK (Meta) shop- 3 ways

selling sewn items on facebook

If you have been sewing for some time and have more things sewn than what you will use and can do with some extra cash, maybe you have thought of selling them to interested people. Have you considered selling your products to a larger audience than your friends and relatives? Selling on Facebook is a … Read more

Start T-shirt business :10 things you need to learn

Wearing a t-shirt with printed slogans is many people’s idea of making a statement, especially when they want to be vocal about something but is not able to be. It is an easy way of expressing oneself; wearing those t-shirts that declare what they want the whole world to know – their inner secrets, cravings, … Read more

How to start your Embroidery Business : 7 FAQ answered

When I wanted to do an embroidered logo on a uniform the embroidery business near my place gave me such a long waiting period that it set me thinking – This is a much-in-demand business. My wannabe entrepreneur heart fluttered at the possibilities. If I can buy an Embroidery machine maybe I could start a … Read more

How to make & sell BAGS :10 Common Concerns Answered

Bags are always in demand. My sister has some 10 tote bags in her cupboard at any time, and then there are the other types of bags she owns. There are so many girls who own much more than this. Then these bags go out of fashion, get stained, lose color and need replacements. Who … Read more

9 pointers to start a SEWING CLASS business

start sewing classes.

This post gives real-world tips on starting a business teaching others to sew – creating and operating your own sewing classes. So you have spent countless hours at your sewing machine perfecting your sewing knowledge and now consider yourself an expert in sewing. You have worn your fingers-to-the-bone embroidering beautiful designs and are now eager … Read more

15 steps to starting a BOUTIQUE – A simple Business plan

Opening a boutique is a dream for many women who want to stand on their own feet and feel the freedom and joy of owning a business, in a field they have a great passion for. This post is a detailed guidance that teaches you how to start a boutique. A boutique is a small … Read more

How to start a Tailoring Shop – 10 point checklist

If you love sewing, nothing like managing a business related it. A tailoring shop – sewing clothes or altering them on your own or managing other employees who will do it for you is a good business idea for anyone wanting to start their own business and continue doing something they love – handling clothes … Read more

Home Based Business rules (13 must follow ones)

tips for operating a home based business.

Starting a Home Based Business – some rules to follow   1. Do not start the business without a vision If you have decided to start your home-based business, be it small or big, a business plan is a must. Do not take the business plan lightly. Be clear about how you want your business … Read more

Start a Sewing business- 45 surefire ideas

sewing business

There is no joy more than being able to work at something you love for a living. Recently saw an advertisement with the same theme, in which people are being dragged to their work whereas the man who works at a job he loves – well, he is happy. In addition to the happiness, sewing … Read more