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Make an easy Book Pouch

Do you know what gets me from one day to the next – other than books, chocolate, and Netflix – my daily planner! I am hopeless at organizing, and this planner saves me from several goof-ups. Even when I go out, it gets deposited inside my holdall bag, but then it always ends up in …

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Make a hand warmer Muff

Muffs are tubular hand warmers made of fur or fake fur or leather meant to keep your hands warm. You insert your hands into it and be all warm and cozy. It is a vintage fashion accessory; the fashionable ladies of yore used real fur hand muffs on top of leather gloves; you can use …

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How to make Fabric Hats

Hats no longer have the same position they had long ago in women’s fashion chronicles – there was a time when western women would not think of going out without a hat and they thought nothing of wearing hats as big as tea trays on their heads, for the sake of fashion. Today if you …

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40 Different types of hats

According to Oxford Dictionary, a hat is a shaped covering for the head, worn for warmth, as a fashion item, or as part of a uniform. Once upon a time, you will hardly find anyone on the streets without a head covering of some kind – today this is not the case. But still, a …

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