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Sew a Witch Hat (Tutorial)

Witch hat

Fabric for the Witch Hat I am using a nonwoven fabric in black color for my hat. It is slightly stiff and thick enough not to want a stabilizer/ interfacing or batting inside to stand on its own. But this material is not washable or iron-able. You can use any fabric that is stiff to … Read more

Make a Hobo Bag (Sewing pattern & Tutorial)

Make Hobo bag

A hobo bag is a large slouchy bag with a curve between the two ends of the shoulder straps. Here is a tutorial to make a hobo bag in the fabric of your choice Tutorial to sew a Hobo Bag Related posts : Sewing tutorial for a tote bag; How to make a phone purse

How to sew a Phone belt pouch

A few years back, I would never have imagined that my phone would become a part of my body! I mean, not literally, but figuratively it almost is. I have it near me at all times. Panic sets in if I cannot find it. I could reach the whole world with it, and I can … Read more

Worry dolls : If you need them, you can make them now

what are worry dolls

I live in a comparatively strife-free part of the world; the problems I have in my life are mostly me-made and others-made and not so catastrophic, for the time being. And then there are the health-related worries, which come and go according to flu-season and the food I eat. Even then, there is a pandora’s … Read more

Cute Headband with Ears {Sewing tutorial}

headband with ears

This is a tutorial to make a very cute head band with even cuter ears. This is a wide hairband that can keep your hair in check and dry, when you are washing your face or applying that last minute facepack. And a very easy thing to make, for yourslef or all of your friends … Read more

How to sew a Silk Scarf with neat edges

Silk Scarf

Silk is a beautiful fabric, and when it is soft and drapey, it is the perfect fabric for sewing scarves. Here is a tutorial that lists all the silk fabrics suitable for making scarves and different ways to finish your silk scarf. Actually, when you think about it, what is so much to write about … Read more

Laptop Sleeve : Sewing tutorial

how to sew a laptop sleeve

This post is a tutorial to sew a super easy but very effective laptop sleeve, meant to keep the laptop from being dirty, scratched, or wet inside bags and generally safe during everyday use. The advantage of being a lazy person is that they invariably find the easiest way to do things – which may … Read more

How to make a Snood : Sewing tutorial

snood sewing tutorial

What is a Snood ? Historically a snood is a knitted accessory that confined long hair on the back of the head. Here, the snood is a head-covering accessory that also covers the neck – it is used as a protective covering in winter to protect the head, ears, and neck against the cold. It … Read more

Make a Japanese Knot Bag : An easy no-fastener bag

knot bag sewing tutorial

A knot bag is not the most sophisticated of all bags- but if you want a bag without bothering about fiddling with snaps, zippers etc, this is the right choice for you. The bag fastens on itself with the knot made by looping the handles together. I use it as a lunch bag for my … Read more

Make a Fold Over Clutch Purse

A foldover clutch is just what it says it is – a clutch that is folded over. It is an easy way to make a clutch purse. You just need some fabric and 2 magnetic snaps. And interfacing. There is nothing that matters more than interfacing (other than the outer fabric) to make a bag … Read more

Sew a Wedding Pouch in a jiffy

I always hated going to weddings. Now that I am never invited to one (due to the restrictions on invites), I long to attend one. And now there is one on the horizon – a long long time later, but still, I am all set to go. And I am already thinking of things to … Read more

Make an easy Book Pouch

Do you know what gets me from one day to the next – other than books, chocolate, and Netflix – my daily planner! I am hopeless at organizing, and this planner saves me from several goof-ups. Even when I go out, it gets deposited inside my holdall bag, but then it always ends up in … Read more

What is a Boutonniere and How to make one easily.

What is a Boutonniere? A boutonniere is an accessory for men that looks like a mini bouquet. It is usually made of one or two sprigs (one or two small plant stems with leaves and a flower or two) taken from nature or made artificial. This is worn on the lapel of a man’s suit. … Read more

Names of different types Necklaces & necklace sizes

The necklace frames a person’s face and enhances it – and this is why it has always been a woman’s favorite piece of adornment. It can complement your clothes like none of the other jewelry does, because a necklace lies close to it.   Necklaces come in various shapes and sizes. They are made of many … Read more

Make Shoe-liner Socks :Easy tutorial

Shoe-liner socks are socks that act as a lining for the shoes, which covers only a part of your foot- just enough to cover where the shoes touch your skin. You do not have to spend anything to make these socks. An old knit-top/ t-shirt fabric would do. This way, you can make it in … Read more

Sew Super easy Toiletry Pouch :Sewing tutorial

If you are a traveler, or for that matter, if you live anywhere else other than your own house, you will need your own toiletry pouch – to keep toothbrush and other paraphernalia you need to complete your routines, secure and easy for you to tag them around. You can buy a variety of toiletry … Read more

Make a hand warmer Muff

Muffs are tubular hand warmers made of fur or fake fur or leather meant to keep your hands warm. You insert your hands into it and be all warm and cozy. It is a vintage fashion accessory; the fashionable ladies of yore used real fur hand muffs on top of leather gloves; you can use … Read more

How to make Fabric Hats

Hats no longer have the same position they had long ago in women’s fashion chronicles – there was a time when western women would not think of going out without a hat and they thought nothing of wearing hats as big as tea trays on their heads, for the sake of fashion. Today if you … Read more

Make a Chef’s Hat (Sewing tutorial)

What I conjure out of my chef’s hat is anybody’s guess. At times something eatable but other times….. I even managed to make a cake without a drop of sugar once. You never know what my cooked food will look like or taste like when I start. This is a running joke in my family. … Read more

How to make a Clutch purse with a Metal Frame

  There is nothing prettier than a metal framed purse. I guess this kind is called the Kiss clasp frame. If you get your hands on a metal frame, do not have any qualms about turning it into your own purse – do not be discouraged by the intimidating look of the frame. It is … Read more