How to wash Pashmina shawls.

How to take care of and wash pashmina shawls

Pashmina shawls are soft, fine, woolen shawls that are the pride of their owners. They are made from one of the finest animal fibers, from the silky undergrowth of cashmere goats. They are hand woven on hand looms. The fabric is very costly. And it is wool!

All these facts make you concerned about what will happen if you wash them like you would other clothes.

how to wash a pashmina shawl

When I first saw this beautifully and intricately woven pashmina shawl in a gift shop, the first thought was, ” do I have to dry clean it after every other wear”?. Pashmina shawl is a woven cashmere wool product, and if it is mishandled, it can stretch out of shape and lose its softness.  

It is better to dry clean these shawls to be safe. But if you are not willing to, you can wash it by hand, but with the utmost care and without any agitation, brushing, or wringing, if you want it to last. Delicately washing and taking care of some other guidelines will make sure that your precious pashmina shawls will last forever.

If your pashmina is made of blended wool (acrylic/viscose mixed with pashmina), follow the instructions given on the material. They can usually be machine washed in a delicate setting without machine drying.

Some important guidelines in washing pashmina shawls are as follows:

☝ Never wash it in hot water. Wash only in lukewarm water.

☝ Use a gentle detergent to wash. Preferably a neutral detergent suitable for silk, wool, and cashmere. Be sure to dissolve the detergent thoroughly. Then put the shawl into the water.

Hand wash pashmina shawl in a basin filled with luke warm water and dissolved detergent.


☝  Wash Pashmina shawls separately from other clothes.

☝ Never wring it or twisting it to remove water. Squeeze gently. The thin fibers of pashmina are weaker when wet. The now even-more delicate fabric has to be handled with extra care.

☝ Place it flat on a rack to dry.

☝ Never iron it directly. Use damp press cloth to protect the delicate fibers; use a cool iron; iron from the inside of the material.

☝ Never place it under direct sunlight. 

☝ Store the pashmina shawls folded or rolled in the cupboard shelf wrapped in a muslin cloth.

Most of the details given in this post on caring for cashmere clothes applies to pashmina as well. Another post of interest is – washing woolen clothes

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