Is your Polyester fabric Bad??

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is made from plastic.

The manufacturing process of polyester fabric is bad for the environment because it is energy-intensive and produces harmful pollutants.

Polyester production involves toxic chemicals, posing health risks to workers. It also invloves greenhouse gas emissions.

Polyester can contain residual chemicals from the manufacturing process, such as dyes and finishing agents. These chemicals can have allergenic properties and can irritate sensitive skin.

Polyester fabric is not very breathable. It does not allow sweat to evaporate as easily. This can cause the skin to become damp and irritated, especially in hot and humid weather. Additionally, polyester can trap heat, which can also make the skin feel uncomfortable.

When you wash polyester fabrics  it releases microplastics. It can reach our food and disrupt our immune system. It can harm aquatic life on large scale.

Polyester takes hundreds of years to degrade, clogging landfills and contributing to long-lasting environmental waste.

But there is no escape from this fabric as today, Polyester is one of the most widely used synthetic fibers in the fashion industry due to its affordability and versatility. Around 60% of all clothes on earth are made of polyester.

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