Biker Fashion : 5 must haves if you want to follow this style

If you are a real biker I guess you wouldn’t be reading this ; you will be out riding or checking out other’s motorcycles or admiring and tinkering with your own, or mapping out the routes you should take on your next journey. Only the die hard biker will really understand the real spirit of a true biker, the freedom they experience and the passion they feel for their calling. Last thing they are concerned about is fashion. But curiously, among the non-riders and not so passionate riders, Biker attire is very popular as a street wear fashion.

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A Biker instinctively dresses for the road in clothes and accessories that give them a good experience riding and ensures their safety. If Biker fashion is the what you want to pursue, there are some very clear guidelines to do it rightly.

Dark colors, leather and an overall cool and sexy looks are what makes this fashion style stand apart among all other fashion styles.

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The Must haves in Biker fashion

Leather jacket or vest

You can buy a black cowhide leather Motorcycle jacket available in different styles and sizes. Or You can use  the Motor Racer jackets. 

The Motor cycle jackets usually have collars, and epaulets and may be adorned with lots of patches ( may be designs or logos of sports etc). They may have lots of exposed zippers and heavy chains as decorations. 

Motor racer jacket is a more fitted jacket; the kind of jacket that racers wear for racing events. It will usually have several safety features in built. These jackets will be euipped with pads at elbows, shins and knees and even chest guards.

Motorcycle vests are motorcycle jackets without the sleeves.

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Selvedge Jeans or leather pants or black leggings

Selvedge denim refers to jeans with the selvedge (white edge with blue thread) along the fabric seam edge along the outer seam – this is visible only when you look inside at the seams or when you upturn your hem but it is an indicator of superior quality jeans. Selvedge jeans lasts longer than other types of denim  and is hence the choice pants for the rough rides of bikers. Rugged jeans with many distressed elements are also popular.

For a biker chic look Leather pants and black tights/leggings as well as short leather skirts are all appropriate. 

Biker boots

Knee high leather boots or ankle boots like the Heritage Boots. They will have heavy duty hardware and a rugged look.


Accessories that goes with this style are dark sunshades and silver jewelry with out of ordinary motifs like sculls, snakes or wings.  Bandana is used as a hair accessory.

Safety gear

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Safety of the biker is of utmost important when riding a bike. And so safety accessories is very important in the dressing of a biker. This includes other than the biker’s clothing and accessories given above, helmets, and other gear for eye protection, ear protection, and neck protection. Impact resistance garments are preferred for the sake of safety for racing bikers. A biker follows an unspoken rule of not exposing any part of the skin when on a bike. This is done for protection and comfort.

Gloves protect the hands against abrasion and is seen as a necessary part of  biker’s clothing .

Read more about the history of Biker Fashion here.

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