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See-through, Sheer Fabrics

If you don’t mind revealing more than anyone else would dare, what you are looking for are see-through fabrics. These fabrics have an ethreal, elegant charm about them which the opposite kind, the opaque fabrics, ‘clearly’ do not. What are see-through fabrics called in Fabric-land? You will hear about see-through fabrics under many labels – …

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Organza Fabric

Organza fabric is a fine, thin, lightweight see-through, and crisp plain weave fabric which is used in a wide range of applications from wedding gowns, lingerie, and fabric trims to curtains. It was traditionally made of silk fibers. Today polyester and rayon fibers are also used to create the material. The term organza may be …

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How to Waterproof your fabric : 5 ways that will help it to resist water

This post is about different ways to make your fabric waterproof, water-resistant, or water repellent with easy DIY methods. These are methods worth trying when you want to waterproof your outdoor clothes or outdoor upholstery like cushions, patio coverings, tents, etc. DIY Waterproofing Wikipedia describes the process as waterproofing – The process of making something …

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Manufactured fabrics & the fibers that make them

All textile fibers are classified as either natural or manufactured. Natural fibers are fibers obtained from nature. Eg. cotton, flax, jute, silk, and wool. All the other fibers which are chemically made are called manufactured fibers; Manufactured fabrics are composed of manufactured fibers. Manufactured fibers & fabrics The term “manufactured fiber” means any fiber derived by …

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What is Suede Leather?

Suede is a type of leather with a fuzzy, velvety surface. The soft napped surface is quite different from the rest of the leather skins available which are smooth on the surface. Suede leather is really leather but it is made of the underside of the animal skin (the flesh side).  Once upon a time, …

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