Warp & Weft of fabric & their role in weaving

warp and weft of fabric

When you get interested in fabrics, you will inevitably be fascinated by how the threads interlace together in woven fabrics to form their basic structure. And warp and weft yarns form the basis for the fabric structure. The weaving process involves two distinct elements: warp and weft yarns. Understanding these integral components of fabric production … Read more

Basketweave Fabrics

basket weave fabrics

Have you noticed how a straw basket is woven? There is a distinct pattern to it. The basket weave pattern on woven fabrics takes after this pattern of weaving on the baskets, I guess. Two or three of the straws/reeds interlacing with each other in an under over, under over pattern. You get the similarity? … Read more

Plain weave & the best of fabrics in this weaving type

Plain weave fabric

A lot of fabrics we know are made by a process called weaving. It has been so from the time man discovered fabric making. In weaving, the fabric is made by interlacing the yarns made from fibers. Out of all the weaving processes, plain weave is the simplest and most commonly used weaving pattern – … Read more

What is Cotton fabric? (10 FAQ answered)

what is cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is a universally loved fabric made from the fibers that surround the cotton seed. The cotton fibers are soft and fluffy and naturally off-white in color. It takes a lot of effort to extract the fiber from inside the pod, separate it from the seeds, and turn it into yarn. And then, it … Read more

Camouflage patterns in clothes and fabrics

camouflage patterns

  In camouflage patterns, the prints on the fabrics are meant to confuse the viewer – sometimes, they make one invisible and sometimes mislead into believing something else that is not there.    The art of camouflage is inherent in nature. A chameleon camouflages itself in its surroundings to disguise itself from predators. A deer … Read more

Best fabrics to sew Pants for women

pant fabrics

Fabrics for sewing Formal Pants/Trousers Gabardine Wool gabardine and Microfiber polyester gabardine are equally popular for sewing formal pants. Gabardine is a tightly woven, twill weave fabric. This fabric was originally created from worsted wool but now may also be made of cotton, viscose, and polyester.  The fabric has diagonal ribs on the surface because … Read more

Selvage edge of fabric -6 FAQ answered

what is selvage

What is the selvage of a fabric? Where do you find it? Selvage refers to the narrow, somewhat stiff edges on the left and right side of the fabric, along the straight grain/lengthwise direction. They are usually 20 mm wide on either side. They give strength to the fabric and prevent unraveling. You may have … Read more

Spandex and Stretch (How to select the fabric for elasticity)

stretch of spandex fabric

Is spandex stretchy? – Today this question feels like someone is asking, “Is the moon round ?” or if “an elephant is big”?. Everyone who knows something about clothes knows about the elasticity of spandex. Spandex, the word itself, is an anagram for “expands,” so who doubts its stretchiness? “Spandex has kept my derriere lifted, … Read more

Get the most strongest and durable fabric out there

In textile parlance, ‘Durable’ refers to something that stands the test of time after a lot of wear and washes. We all want our clothes to last through repeated wear (and washing, drying, and ironing). Being strong can be considered synonymous with durability, as strong fibers result in durability.   It makes sense, economy-wise as well … Read more

Types of fabrics used for underwear

Buying or making your ideal undergarment involves more than just getting the size and style right. As something that stays very intimate on you, you have to dwell a little more carefully as to what fabric your underwear is made of. The ideal material for undergarments is one that is supple, breathable, soft, and absorbent. … Read more

Including Polka Dot Pattern in your clothes

polka dots

A polka dot pattern on fabric refers to evenly sized and symmetrically spaced dots printed or woven on fabric. The pattern usually involves contrasts and consists of light-colored dots on a dark background or dark-colored dots on a light-colored background. It is basicaly a geographic fabric pattern. Polka dots are traditionally black and white but … Read more

Does Cotton Stretch?

stretch of cotton

Cotton is a part of our everyday life. From time immemorial, we humans have been using cotton clothes. Even today, the textile world is highly dependent on cotton, despite the fact that there are many, many different innovative new textiles in the market. Be it your regular wear casual clothing or office-going shirts or outdoor … Read more

What is Modal Fabric?

what is modal fabric

Modal fabric is a manufactured fabric made of regenerated cellulose fibers. It is made from the cellulose of beech trees. Modal fibers can be combined with other fibers to make superior quality dressmaking fabrics. Modal fabric is a comparatively recent entree to the luxury garment fashion industry. This manufactured fabric has recently become very popular … Read more

Wool Vs. Acrylic Fabric : Key differences {& which is better}

You are not to blame if you go to a showroom and get confused between wool and acrylic sweaters, scarves, and socks. It is a universal confusion. In fact acrylic is a synthetic material made to mimic the qualities of wool, and if choosing between wool and acrylic fails to confuse you, then the material … Read more

What is Plush/Minky fabric?

minky fabric

Minky fabric, also known as plush fabric, is one of the most attractive fabrics in this world – it is luxurious, soft, cuddly, and flexible, and all of this with a beautiful sheen. Minky is a purely synthetic fabric. And it is available in all the colors imagined. The fabric has a right and wrong … Read more

Jersey Fabric

jersey fabric

Jersey fabric is one of the most popular of all knit fabrics. Who doesn’t have a t-shirt in their wardrobe! But that is not all. Learn more about this versatile fabric. What is a Jersey Fabric? Jersey is a generic term used for a collection of weft-knitted fabrics. Usually, Jersey is used to describe a … Read more

Is Polyester safe to wear? Is it a good dressmaking fabric?

This post addresses concerns about the use of polyester fabric for making clothes. When it comes to our family, especially our babies, we are hyper-sensitive about everything. We are very vigilant and have a million questions on anything and everything that we buy. And one persistent question is about the use of polyester on a … Read more

See-through, Sheer Fabrics

If you don’t mind revealing more than anyone else would dare, what you are looking for are see-through fabrics. These fabrics have an ethreal, elegant charm about them which the opposite kind, the opaque fabrics, ‘clearly’ do not. What are see-through fabrics called in Fabric-land? You will hear about see-through fabrics under many labels – … Read more

Organza Fabric

organza fabric

Organza fabric is a fine, thin, lightweight see-through, and crisp plain weave fabric which is used in a wide range of applications from wedding gowns, lingerie, and fabric trims to curtains. It was traditionally made of silk fibers. Today polyester and rayon fibers are also used to create the material. The term organza may be … Read more