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10 best Open Weave Fabrics

An open weave fabric is a fabric with a lot of holes in it, because of the way it is constructed – the weave leaves spaces between the warp threads. Usually, these types of fabrics are in demand for home decor, because of their qualities like light filtering, outward visibility, beautiful texture. 

Best Open weave Fabrics

1. Mesh fabric 

Mesh is a lightweight open weave fabric made of synthetic fibers. Power mesh is a combination of nylon and spandex and is used to make leggings, undershirts, lingerie, body suits, sportswear.

2. Burlap fabric 

This is a coarse woven fabric made with jute fibers, with an open weave. It is used for wrapping gifts, for making a lot of home decor items, fabric trims. Also called Hessian

3. Filter cloth

This is a synthetic or cotton fabric meant for filtration. Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Polyamide, and polypropylene are the most commonly used fibers for making filter cloth. Filter cloth has wide industrial applications like waste water treatment, metallurgy, in fertilizer, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil plants, to separate oil and water, sugar filtration etc. Polypropylene filter cloth is a  nonwoven material that is used in a lot of filtering capacities like printing and dyeing.

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4. Cheese cloth

This is an open weave cotton fabric made with carded cotton yarn. It is used in making cheese and for wrapping meat. 

5. Net

This is an open mesh fabric made by twisting / knotting/ interlocking or knitting different types of yarn. Different types of net

6. Cotton muslin

There are many varieties of muslin fabric. Book Muslin is an open weave muslin fabric which also has a finishing on it which makes it stiff. This is used in binding books. Mull is another muslin fabric that also comes in open weave. 

7. Gauze 

This is the thin open-mesh loosely woven material made of cotton fibers used in surgical dressings. A more closely woven gauze fabric (still open weave) is used to make loose summer ready clothes. 

8. Buckram fabric

This is an open weave fabric made stiff using many types of adhesives.

9. Bolting Cloth

This is a light weight open fabric with a uniform weave. It is used as a foundation for many things – hats, embroidery.

10. Crinoline


This is a stiff open weave fabric used inside dresses or on petticoats to make the garments stand stiff.

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