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Regency Era Clothing Styles

regency clothing

Regency Period: 1811 to 1820 (Early 19th century) Political Background: King George IV acted as Prince Regent because of the illness of King George III. Charlotte of MecklenburgStrelitz, was Queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland as the wife of King George III. Social Background: Prince Regent George IV was a colorful personality. And the … Read more

Importance of Fairtrade Textiles and Clothing in our lives


There was a period in the history of mankind when we didn’t care about where our clothing came from. Today that is not the case. Many of us care where our clothing is coming from, whether it is made in a place where laborers are ill-treated etc. But business is never fair. Unscrupulous companies will … Read more

A look at Hanbok & other Traditional Korean Clothing


Watching countless Korean historical drama series does not make one an expert in Korean clothing. But it did make me highly interested and invested in it. And then reading about it opened up a world of beautiful Hanboks, Chima skirts, and other fabulous clothes. Traditional Korean clothing mainly consists of Hanbok (Called Cheoson-ot in North … Read more

Dress like a Punk – DIY clothing ideas

punk diy clothing ideas

If you love punk rock or just one particular band, or you don’t care, it does not matter. If you want to spend a lot or as little as possible, following the punk style – this also does not matter. That is the beauty of punk fashion style -it does not matter what you do … Read more

Witch outfit ideas : 10 elements to consider

how to dress like a witch.

A witch had a negative connotation for a long, long time. But now that anti-heroes are becoming more popular than heroes, a witch is also having a renaissance of sorts. You definitely do not want the tragic life of Wanda Maximoff, the scarlet witch, but you can sympathize with her and may even want to … Read more

Mustard Yellow color combinations that work for clothes

If you are an arthoe fashion aesthetic enthusiast, your color palette for clothes already includes mustard yellow. But even if you are not, there is no way that you would have passed the fascination for mustard yellow – it has been a trendy color for quite some time now. May be not the hottest color … Read more

Cottage Core Fashion Style : How to dress in this aesthetic

cottage core fashion style.

Gen Zee kids add core to everything. My daughter even branded me as Hitler-core when I gave her time out. Today there are so many cores in lifestyle and fashion. And believe me, Cottage core is one of the better ones. This was a very popular trend in the 2018, and it started as a … Read more

Roman Clothing : Most Important clothes in Ancient Rome

Ancient Romans were people who lived in the Italian peninsula and also some parts of Europe and Western Africa from the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD. Ancient Rome is renowned for its excellence in art, architecture, language, and science. But, when you think of clothes of the romans, you will find many … Read more

19th century Clothing styles in England

The 19th century was a period in which political and cultural changes powerfully reflected in the styles and silhouettes of the clothing for women. This is also the period which is referred as the Victorian era (the period of Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1837 to 1901). During this period, there was rapid advancement in transportation … Read more

18th Century Fashion: Styles of men & women

The 18th century is a special time in the history of England – cultural influences from other countries, including countries in Europe and colonies of England, the rise of the modern English novel as we know it today, the french revolution and its consequences across the continent all had a lasting impression and resulted in … Read more

What is a Thong? Tips to wear one with comfort

A thong is a type of underwear that is very skimpy in the front and almost non-existent in the back. It consists of a small covering in the front and a thin strip of material in the back. It exposes the back of the body and covers the front, just adequately. The material of the … Read more

Must have Maternity clothes

Shopping for maternity clothes used to be something many pregnant women dreaded; for one, shopping can be very taxing for an already stressed-out person. And then, they feared they would not find any comfortable AND attractive options to choose from. Most of the clothes on offer would be baggy or tent-like, which are comfortable but … Read more

Color names starting with B

Baby pink Baby blue Barberry yellow The barberry plant is an evergreen shrub with large bright yellow flowers that bloom in bunches. Barnwood This is the color of weathered wood used to build barns. Banana The color of a yellow banana.   Beryl Green Beryl is the name of a gemstone with a light green … Read more

Color names starting with F

A list of colors that start with the alphabet F. Faded rose Faded rose is a dark shade of red. Fashion Grey This is a warm grey color which is popular in home decoration. Fawn Brown Fawn is usually used to refer to the brown coat of dogs. For eg. a fawn Doberman. Fandango This … Read more

Hippie fashion style : How to dress like a Hippie

girl dressed in hippie style

A little bit of history on the Hippie style The hippie culture is supposed to have originated in Germany by the name Wandervogel in the 19th century. But it gained momentum worldwide during the 1960s, when counter-culture movements started influencing the youth. The Hippie aesthetic is such an anti-establishment movement and style that gained traction … Read more

Different types of Leggings

compression leggings

Leggings, those figure-hugging pants made of stretchy fabric, have been a fashion staple for a long, long time. Both men and women wore leggings in the past.  In the past, people wore leggings because they were great for keeping their legs warm and protected from dust and grime. Today that is not the sole reason – … Read more

Including Polka Dot Pattern in your clothes

polka dots

A polka dot pattern on fabric refers to evenly sized and symmetrically spaced dots printed or woven on fabric. The pattern usually involves contrasts and consists of light-colored dots on a dark background or dark-colored dots on a light-colored background. It is basicaly a geographic fabric pattern. Polka dots are traditionally black and white but … Read more

Dark Academia Fashion Style: Inside Out

dark academia fashion style

Are you between 14-25 years old? Is alternative fashion style close to your heart? Do you love reading classics and learning in general? Are you on TikTok? Then you may not need an introduction to the Dark Academia aesthetic. You may already have bookmarked all the outfits you would wear to follow this trend. What … Read more

Empire Line : The silhouette and dresses in this style

empire waist style dress

An empire line style or the empire silhouette consists of a waistline that falls just under the bust with, the rest of the bodice falling down gracefully in a long narrow line from under the sash that holds the waistline. If you are looking for a style that is classy but at the same time … Read more

Orange Color – Shades and combinations for clothes 🧡

orange color names

My husband is snarky at the best of times, but every time I wear a particular dark orange top, he doubles up on that. And when I confront him, he blames it all on that ‘orange top’. Yeah, I should tell him off, but does Orange really have something to do with triggering a particular … Read more