16 Easy Clothing Hacks for smart dressing

Practical tips and tricks related to problem-solving specific problems related to clothes and accessories.

Keep clothes in place with clothing tape

Read more about using clothing tape here.

Keep a spare button attached to the inside of shirts.

keep spare button


Secure bra straps to prevent them from slipping with a paperclip.

paper clip to secure the bra straps

Keep a travel-size steamer for wrinkle-free clothes on the go.

travel sized steamer

Clothes can get all wrinkled inside suitcases or bags. If you have a compact steamer with you, you can quickly refresh your clothing instantly. The steam relaxes and releases wrinkles from fabrics, in half the time it takes you to iron.

Tuck jeans into boots for a sleek look.

tuck jeans hem into boots

Use adhesive hem tape for a no-sew hem.

double sided tape

Wear a belt to cinch oversized tops and dresses.

wear belts to cinch waist of oversized dresses

Buy a white shirt, black pants, jeans and neutral color tops for a basic wardrobe.

basic wardrobe

Wear a half-cami under tops to add an extra layer without bulk.

half cami slips

You can wear cami slips under sheer blouses, low cut tops for coverage.

Wear nude-colored underwear under white clothing to avoid visibility.

nude colors undergarments under white clothes

Nude-colored underwear closely matches your natural skin tone, making it less visible under white clothing. Wear any other color, even white, and it will be visible through white. Try it!

Wear shapewear under fitted dresses for a smoother silhouette.

shapewear gives a good silhouette

Shapewear smoothens out any lumps, bumps, or lines, of your body and gives you a streamlined and polished look. You can wear shapewear that targets specific problem areas of the body – tummy, waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Collar stays help to keep shirt collars crisp.

hang shirts with collar stays

Collar stays are small, flat, and rigid strips of material, that are inserted into the collars of dress shirts.. They are made of plastic, metal, or even stiffened fabric. You can buy them in shops and they are a god send if you have shirts with limp collars.

Dress shirts usually have small pockets on the underside of the collar points to insert the stays. They give structure and support to the collar ends. The shirt looks all the more professional and polished.

Not getting into your Jeans? Spray water

Use a hair straightener to iron collars and cuffs.

hair straightener for ironing collars

If you do not have an iron or steam and want a stiff collar, in an emergency, use your hair straightener. You can use it on your hems too.

Use a hairdryer to loosen tight shoes

hair dryer to make tight shoes loose

Make your own DIY homemade fabric freshener

fabric freshener hack

Add a few drops of Lavender, citrus, or eucalyptus oils to cornstarch powder and keep inside a small jar. Shake from time to time. Use when needed – sprinkle this mixture where there is odor, such as underarms, collars, or socks. Shake off immediately. Do not use on dark-colored clothes, delicate or dry-clean-only garments.

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