How to buy jeans {A Jeans Fitting Guide for women}: 10 scenarios & their answers

You may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find that one perfect Prince and the same goes for buying the right kind of jeans. Jeans shopping is always a challenge. Good jeans cost a lot and buying what everyone else is buying is the recipe for looking the worst. You will have to know some, try some and go out and buy some to get it right finally. 

Most of the people buy relaxed fit jeans with a mid-rise (the standard) and are happy with their purchase. But when it comes to other styles that suit their body shape particularly, they are confused.

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If you have a perfect figure you can buy any jeans and look good in it. Let us be honest, only the models who advertise the jeans brands have perfect bodies. What we have is an ok figure with some flaws; hopefully, this post can guide you in finding that perfect jeans that is comfortable and fitting and just right for you.

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Which jeans is best if you have a top heavy body shape ?

If you have a figure with an inverted triangle shape, that is, more width around the top portion of the body including shoulder and bust, you will have to take attention away from there to the bottom part. You may want to flaunt the good shape of your legs. A boot cut shape (with a very slight flare at the hem starting from the knee; if the flare is too wide you will look like you came back from the 70s) is preferred for this body shape. This will balance the figure.

Light colored jeans can add volume to the lower portion of the body. Light colors include white, lavender, ice blue – all fashionable colors. 

Buy jeans with some embellishments on the pockets. This can make the flat bottom common to top heavy figures look curvier.

Which jeans is best if you have a bottom heavy body shape ?

This describes a Pear body shape with wide hips and thighs, when compared to the top portion of the body including narrow shoulders and bust. Boot cut jeans or flared leg jeans are said to be the most flattering for anyone with such a bottom heavy figure as they can balance the body proportions. More width at the hem will balance out the width of the thighs/hip. Wear these styles with fitted tops. Straight cut jeans is also fine.

Slim fit or tapered jeans are avoided in favour of the loose styles. The slim fit style jeans with the jeans hugging you closely at the thighs, knees and ankle can overemphasize the fullness at the thighs and hip more. Generally, a relaxed fit is preferred over a figure hugging skinny fit. But if you want to wear the skinny style choose a cigarette style or straight cut style (In cigarette jeans the cut is straight from knee to hem)

If you want to downplay your lower body opt for dark-colored denim. Never opt for very light-colored jeans. And do not choose ones with embellishments, embroidery, whisker marks, and other very distinctive looking distressed and faded styles. An overall distressed look is alright. 

Avoid jeans with pockets with contrast coloured stitching and other embellishments. No curved pockets either. No big embroidery designs or sequins work. No pockets with flaps. They all bring the eye to that area where you want the least attention.

Choose pockets that sit lower on the back rather than high up.

If you have large hips you can opt for stretch jeans with lycra. Do not choose crop jeans / capri jeans if you have a really wide hips or thighs as the short length can make your thighs look even wider.

If you have a big backside look for pockets with vertical top stitching.

Which jeans is best if you want to look taller ?

A straight leg jeans or skinny jeans in full-length is always preferred to get a long lean look. High-waisted skinny jeans can make you look taller. Stay away from low-rise jeans. Do not choose a tapered leg though.

Choose dark colored jeans. You can also opt for jeans with long lines along the outer seams to give an elongated look – as embroidery or as  stripes of fabric.

If you are wearing a long jeans the hem should be no more than 1 inch off the floor – this can make your leg look elongated. For a tighter fitting jeans (skinny jeans, tapered jeans etc) the right length is below the ankle bone. Shorter length is cute but can make you look shorter.

If you have a short waist, you can lengthen the look of the torso with a low rise waist. A high rise will make the torso look stockier.

Wear heels with jeans to look even taller.

Which jeans is best if you want to conceal a tummy?

For a person with a tummy, the worst is to buy a low rise jeans. If you have a prominent tummy, Wear mid-rise jeans or a high rise jeans to conceal unwanted belly fat. A mid-rise jeans has its waistband resting just below the belly button. This tucks in the love handles and tummy fat nicely. An 8.5-inch rise or higher is ideal. You can look out for terms like ‘Tummy control’. 

A jeans with a straight cut is better but all styles can be worn so long as the waistband is up.

Check out these tips on dressing to conceal a tummy.

Which jeans is best if you want a curvier figure ?

If you are straight up and down with a rectangular body shape and you want some curves, buy stretch jeans with lycra in them- they mold the body and bring out hitherto un-noticed curves. Slim fit jeans and skinny jeans and Slim fit Crop jeans or ankle-length jeans can give a curvy look.

Fitting stretchy denim styles are better than looser styles like baggy jeans / boyfriend jeans. The relaxed fits will only make you more shapeless. 

Boot cut jeans with a close fit along the waist and thighs but flares slightly from the knees can also work well to give you a good shape.

Wear high waist jeans instead of low waist jeans as the high waist jeans have waistband at the narrow portion of your body and emphasizes the waist more than a low waist one would. High waist jeans look really good on tall thin women. High waisted jeans can also give a flat back some curves. It is a good thing high waist is in fashion again.

Choose jeans with whisker marks along the hips and thighs. These curvy lines emphasize curves. Choose jeans with curved pockets that sit on the bottom curve of your body. 

Jeans with light colors is better for making you look curvier.  Or you can get jeans with a distressed look with fading around the thighs – this can emphasise those areas and make you look curvy. 

Which jeans is best if you want to look overall thin ?

If you have a round figure and would like to look slimmer choose a mid rise jeans or high rise jeans in a thin and straight cut style in a dark color and wear it with a dark colored top.

As always a bootcut style suits most people and can make you look slimmer. Check out the tips to make you look slimmer by dressing properly.

What is the Right Length for Your Jeans?

The inseam length of jeans can range from 34 inches to 37 inches. For tall women and ones with long legs you will need to look for the higher range – one with a longer inseam (36″ minimum). 

The length is very much dependent on fashion trends. It is also dependent on whether you will be wearing heels or flats. But usually, If you are wearing full length jeans with wide leg ( boot cut, flared, baggy etc) the hem should end no more than 1 inch off the floor. You do not want to look like a bohemian with the length pooling around the floor.

Which jeans is best if you have a flat bottom ?

Low rise is better to bring out the shape. A tapered jeans or skinny jeans or stretch jeans can make your flat bottom look curvier.

The flat bottom can be made fuller with curved lines like curvy pockets. Get jeans with embellished pockets or interesting details like colored stitching embellishment.

Which jeans is best if you have a shapely hourglass figure? 

An hourglass figure is very shapely with a narrow waist and perfect hips. This figure can wear straight-cut styles and even skinny jeans with great elan. Low rise waist styles are good on them. High waisted jeans with the waistband sitting on their narrow waist can also bring out their curves. Show off your curves.

Buy jeans with a contoured waistband as this waistband will fit a narrow waist. These jeans will have a contoured high waistband in the back and will accommodate wider hips and thighs. You can also buy stretch denim as these styles will fit the narrow waist and wider hips without any bagginess.

Important factors to take into consideration other than the above concerns are the quality of denim fabric it is made of, the strength of its stitching, the finishes done on it like distressing and washes done on it to make it what it is and ofcourse the brand name. 

How to choose your jeans size?

Get that one that fits well and be comfortable in. Wear it and sit with it in your dressing room – then you will know if you truly like it or not.

If you are looking for a stretch jeans with lycra content choose one in a smaller size than you normally would as the size usually expands after a wash or two. 

Tips to go shopping for jeans

Some people go jeans shopping and find that one good pair with just that one little flaw – the rise may be way too low or way too high, the waistband could gap while it fits everywhere else, the length could make you look stocky and short, the cut of the leg is not to your liking, it could be too long, too short, too flared, too baggy, too tight, or whatever. If you end up like that, look more. Do not buy with the intention of altering this one aspect – it doesnot work that way. You have to get it right as you take it out of the showroom. Get it right at the hips, waist, and leg length – if it is a minor issue like length you can alter it -may be the shop itself will do it for you. But major issues like a misfitted waistband is not worth the trouble to alter it.

Go shopping in comfortable clothing which can be taken off easily and in tops that will go with the jeans you intend to buy. This includes wearing the shoes you intend to wear with the jeans.

Does this all seem like a tall order ? Anything for that right pair of jeans.


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