Inverted Triangle Body shape: 10 Do’s and Don’t’s for dressing this type

What is an Inverted Triangle Body shape? 

Slightly Broad or wide shoulders

Full large bust line.

Narrow, slim hips, even shapely legs.

No defined waist to speak of.

That is the Inverted triangle body shape for you. You would have heard this body shape called a cone or a V frame. Looks like the shape of a regular triangle flipped upside down, hence the name. 

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In this category, the body is top heavy i.e The shoulder is wider than the hip width. The waist will not be defined but will not be larger than  the bust.

As upper body is considerably larger than lower body, you have to get the body symmetry right i.e achieve a balance between the wider upper body and the narrower lower body and look more like an hourglass figure. For this, the people with this shape should follow some strict criteria in choosing clothes.

female body shapes

The general idea is to choose clothes that will minimize the wider upper body and accentuate the lower body.

What to wear – Inverted triangle body shape

1 Dark preferably solid colored tops paired with bright or light colored pants or skirts help to bring less attention to the upper body. All eyes will be on the pants.

2 Wear fitted tops, especially in a wrap style. Wrap style which clinch at the narrow part of the body, at the waist, emphasizes the waist to make it thinner.

3 Wear open, low and wide necklines like a scoop neckline or a V neckline. They look better than closed ones or one with collar.

4 Wear flared pants like Palazzo pants or even straight pants with slight flare.

5 Wear flared or pleated or gathered or full skirts. Full and Gathered skirts can make the body balanced. Or go for a skirt in a heavy fabric .

6 Wear bodices with three quarter sleeve which is the most flattering. Tailored sleeves are better. Dolman sleeves and Magyar sleeves can make the Inverted triangle shoulder look larger than it is already.

7 Wear prints on the bottom wear, preferably. Bodice part is better print and pattern free.

8 Wear clothes with details or embellishments near the hip line or ones that end at the hip line.

9 Wear tops and dresses with an A line shape. A slight flare at the hem is definitely preferred.

10 Wear dresses with a defined waist – either with a belt or with a sash.

inverted triangle bodyshape

What not to wear – Inverted triangle body shape

1 Do not wear clothes with heavy shoulder pads or details on the shoulders , as you do not want to further widen the look of the shoulders.

2 Do not wear too thin, tapered pants like a cigarette pants. You might end up looking like a chicken.

3 Do not wear tops with lots of embroidery or ruffles or made of thick fabric with lots of texture on the upper body. 

4 Do not wear sleeveless tops if the inverted triangle shape comes with big arms. 

5 Do not wear collared tops like a polo collared one; or any high necklines .

6 Do not wear bulk at the waist.

7 Do not wear boxy crop tops that end at the waistline; this includes boxy jackets.

8 Do not wear horizontal stripes at the upper part of the body. They will broaden it more.

9 Do not wear pants which are loose and unfitting at the hips and legs – show off the shapely hips and legs.

10 Do not wear thin tapering skirts like a Pencil skirt ; A line skirts work better.

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