How to minimize the look of a large Bustline with the right clothes

5 things you need to do to minimise the look of a ‘too’ well endowed bustline

Buy a well fitting bra

This is the number one requirement. Get a bra with good full coverage. You want a very comfortable bra which would make you feel at ease. Read more on buying the right bra here and the 10 questions you should ask.

The cup of your bra should cover your breast and should not cause any ugly bulges at the sides near the armpits or at the top of the breast. You also need adequate support from the underband – it should be snug along the underside of the breasts. The straps of your bras should be wide and it should support all the weight. The back strap also should be really wide to hold everything up.

A minimizer bra is meant to reduce the look of a big bust by giving the look of a slightly flattened but shapely bust.

You also need to get a great sports bra for doing exercises and other activities which involve sudden movements that could harm the muscles of breasts.

Choose the bra in a good firm fabric – no lace or any flimsy stretchy material. If you like underwire bra, very well, but make sure it fits perfectly, otherwise it can do more harm than good.

Well fitting tops and dresses

minimize big bustline

The best top wear is a dark colored top with an open neckline with not much extra decorations or embellishments and simple shaped design lines.

V neck line is good so long as it is not a deep plunging one. An open jacket creates an open vertical neckline that can look good when worn with a simple top inside.

Another neckline that suits is a scoop neckline.

Surplice / Wrap style tops and dresses give a v neckline and a definition at the waist to make a big bust look much smaller. This kind of definition works very well – which is why an empire line style is also said to look good. 

Necklines that do not suit are high necklines and off shoulder ones. High necklines, like turtle neck, halter neck makes the bustline a lot heavier than it already is. 

Wear Camisole slip

Wear a good quality well fitting camisole slip under tops and dresses.

A slip in a good quality stretchy fabric can give some compression to the upper torso and eliminate bulges to an extent. You can get one which is marked as shapewear or corsets for better slimming effect.

Choose the Right fabric for clothes

Do not wear tops in bulky fabrics or ones with lots of texture.The right fabrics that can give the look of a smooth silhouette like a matt finished silk. No satiny glossy fabrics that reflects light and make you look bigger.

Get clothes that emphasize other features of the body

It can be a skirt that shows off your shapely legs, a belt that emphasizes your shapely waist or a hip hugging jeans that show off curves there. This will distract the eyes to these areas from where you do not want the eyes to linger.

What you should not wear

Do not wear too tight clothes – especially button up dresses tops and shirts. There is nothing worse than an about to burst shirt button front.

Big oversized sweaters, closed boxy Jackets and blazers can all make a big bustline look bigger. Frills, flounces or ruffles on the tops or atleast anywhere on the top of the bodice, wide collars are all big no no’s. 

And finally you can think about ways to enhance the look that God has so generously given you. Do some strengthening exercises for the upper body. Hold a towel between your hands at the back of your body and move the hands up and down, moving the towel up and down. Do this 10 times as part of your exercise routine. It works to strengthen the muscles of the chest. These strengthening exercises are a must if you see signs of sagging breasts, common among the well endowed.

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  1. I love your website and newsletter! I have big boobs and small hips, agree with your tips! And feel comforted.

    I learned to sew at school and am now 55 and am enjoying teaching my 16 year old daughter (GCSE year!) how to machine stitch. We watch the sewing Bee avidly and she has been inspired to transform garments (very simply). We have made quite a few items because of lockdown. When she was little, she disliked school, then tolerated it and then loved it! So don’t worry!
    Today we tie dyed some
    Tees, using bleach!!! Very effective.

    And we attempted to machine embroider a Nike symbol to a black vest top -not so effective !

    Stumbling upon your website has been a joy – thank you – I will recommend.

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      Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Glad to know that you are utilizing your time fruitfully with your daughter.

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