ROUND BODYSHAPE (Apple shape) – 7 Best Outfits

How to dress if you have a round shaped body

From whatever I have read anywhere on body shapes, one thing is clear – health-wise, no body shape is better than the other. People of all shapes and sizes can be healthy or non-healthy as per this website. But people with a round body shape always despair of their body shape and think that they have the worst body shape of all, health wise as well as fashion-wise. This shape is often called in fruit parlance, an Apple shaped body.

Characteristics of a round body shape are that you may have narrow shoulders or rounded shoulders, comparatively thinner arms and legs, nice and generous bust line, and a generous broadness in the trunk. Your hips may be narrow and the backside can be shapely or flat. And the main thing is that you have more weight settling along your belly, making your waist almost non-existent. You may gain this weight quite easily, with half the effort that other body shapes take. 

A round shaped body

The beer belly, as opposed to a slender waist that your hand can span, is something many with this body shape want to change about their appearance. Excess fat on the stomach is not good news and maybe a precursor for many potentially problematic diseases like diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

Reducing body fat is possible only with rigorous exercise and strict diet change, and a whole lot of determination. But It is easy to reduce the ‘look’ of a broader, wider trunk with some changes in the style of clothing you choose. You just have to create the illusion of elongation, that of a better waist to hip ratio, and draw the eye away from the problem areas.

Foundation garments

You do not have to squeeze yourself into tight corsets nowadays – we are more forgiving than the people of the past who did this.

But foundation garments and correct undergarments inside clothes can work in a similar but more forgiving way to make the body look smaller. Choose the correct size and style.

Hip length tunics and tops

Tops, tunics and blouses for a round body shape have one caveat – they should not end anywhere near or at the widest part of the body ie the waist. Long and shapely tunics in dark colors with an elongating v neckline – my idea of the best top for this body shape. They should be tailored to fit the body (not too tight or not too loose and shapeless).

Soft V necklines can work for apple body shape

A V neckline is preferred whereas a high neckline wide round neckline can further broaden the look of the body. But avoid plunging necklines.

Wide collars or necklines with ruffles should be avoided. Anything that brings the eye to the upper body, including embellishments, puffy sleeves, frills, wide belts also are better left out.

These tunics should not be made of fabrics that cling, or that shine. The fabric should also not be too bulky. Thin clingy Lycra, super shiny satin are some fabrics to be avoided. 

Straight cut pants and jeans

A straight cut style is very nice on a round body. The high waisted fitted style can also make the body look taller, and contain the tummy neatly inside. 

A-line skirts

At all cost, avoid gathered skirts that will add to the bulk around the body – a Smooth fronted skirt is any day preferred. A line skirts can create an illusion of body symmetry.

Long cardigans or fitted jackets

Three-quarter-length jackets (which end just above the knee – a hand’s length is preferred) which is worn open over a fitted top is a very good look on a round body shape. Hip length is also nice. The jacket can have a belt, but it should not pull the clothing tight against the body. The color of the jackets is better dark-colored or the same color as the pants. 


Shapely (fitting correctly) dresses with a medium flare at the hem is a good fit for someone with a bigger upper body. Below knee length is the best length. This can balance the upper and lower body. Absolutely no gathers at the waist or anything that pulls the material tight against the torso.

Any pattern, embroidery, sequins design should be anywhere else, but on the torso where you do not want the eye to be stuck

If you like short length dresses, go for a mini dress which will show off your shapely legs. Short dresses with a fitted bottom can work.

Clothes that match Accessories 

Wearing the same colored shoes or bags with the same tone can give a look of length. Tiny accessories can make your body look larger in comparison

I read somewhere that to improve an Apple body shape, you should avoid all fast food, white bread, full-fat milkshakes, cakes, and all sweets. You mean, stop living! I would rather use shortcuts. 

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