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Let me start with a disclaimer. I am not a professional seamstress, nor am I very fashion conscious. Neither am I a good writer. What I am is an enthusiastic learner and first and foremost a doer. Sewing is such a “doing” that I stuck with passion. And this Sew Guide is my dream space, where I hope to share what I learn and do.  

Creating something unique and three dimensional from an essentially one-dimensional cloth has always fascinated me.

The excitement, the creative accomplishment a girl gets when sewing cannot be easily described. Girls are born creators be it a baby or a tasty dish- we love to create. Sewing is the ultimate creative hobby which is also very useful.

A kind of excitement grips me every time I enter a fabric store with beautiful clothes, and fabric stores have so many different beautiful gorgeous clothes. The excitement lasts till the garment is cut and stitched, then on to the next cloth. Do join me in this beautiful addiction.

I would like this to be a space for all sewing enthusiasts to hang out and share their passion for sewing and create more and more beautiful fascinating and awe inspiring cloth creations

I hope that I am able to provide some helpful information to you through sewguide.com. Please keep in mind that I am learning sewing and think of it as a continuous process ; Hope that you would excuse any mistake I have noted down here.

Happy sewing

Thanks for visiting

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  1. Thank you Sarina for such a lovely site! You have provided so much information and inspiration! I look forward to continued visits and someday catching up on all the old posts! I do wish I had more time to sew!

    This is a lovely read and a wonderful endeavor – keep it up and thank you!

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  2. Hi Sarina

    Really impressed with your extensive knowledge about many things which is very difficult for a beginner to learn from anywhere else. Thanks a ton for sharing your knowledge and a lot of guidance for people who are taking baby steps in sewing ..

    Am a fabric enthusiast who is waiting for a long time to learn sewing.. Your blog is added to my favorites

  3. Thank you so much for creating this website. Am so happy and I thank God for directing me to this site. Am a newbie and have been looking for the perfect guide to learn how to sew. I surely found everything here. You have got so much info here. Wow!

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