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I am Sarina and I am passionate about clothes, sewing, fabrics, fashion and surface design techniques in no particular order and absolutely love writing about all of these including what I learn, what I experience, and what I have bought to do all these. You are more than welcome to stay here and learn with me.

This is a place where you can freely indulge in your love for everything related to clothes, fabric and fiber – sewing techniques, free patterns to sew, fashion designing topics, clothing tips, and embellishment and manipulation techniques for fabric and clothes. You can learn to create beautiful clothes and other cloth creations and expand your creativity without limits. 

Thanks for visiting the site. I hope that the pages here give you new perspectives about the topics discussed and enrich your life in some way. If it has, I am happy; and will be happier to hear about it in the comment section. 


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41 thoughts on “Welcome to sewguide.com”

  1. Sarina, This is my first visit…. simply amazed at the volume of information provided! You have a great, big Heart…. Thank you…..

    1. Hi Abigail
      You can look at the sitemap page of this site and follow the tutorials there for guidance. Hoping that you will start with small projects before going for big ones. Best wishes

  2. Hi Sarina!

    I am wondering where you are located? I am doing research on sewing terms as an article for my sewing guild’s website and stumbled across your site. I am finding that sewing terms differ from those I learned (I am in Canada) and when using some of the Indie patterns and watching videos from Britain, Australia, etc., I sometimes have to figure out what the instructions want me to do. It is an interesting project!

  3. hi sarina your web is my favorite and i never see such web.
    thank you for helping your sewist friend pls add me to your mailing list

    do you have youtube channel?

  4. A very informative site for anyone who is dreaming about starting a apparel business. So descriptive and elaborate is the content that you do not want to go to any other site. Keep up the good work Sarina. I surely will be a frequent visitor to this site.

    1. Sarina,
      Post at your own descretion. For the record I have TBI that discombobulates my writing and speech. Please ask questions for clarity. This is about learning, creativity and your ability to present the broadest topic spectrum I’ve encountered.

      Subject presentation has a subject maturity earned by origin environment, I’m a native of Metro Detroit. I cannot name that is so familiar from living amongst immigrants I have the utmost highest respect for how much they all have enriched & resurrected broken areas in the city of Detroit. Further more besides a do it your self, families first based on collective work hours more often as small business owners topped with a graduate/professional education. That alchemy is coming across for an activity you are passionate about. People have gone bonkers everywhere.

      What you have accomplished for sharing on these posts doesn’t require geography.

      Michigan economy forced moving out of state just about over a couple decades. See I’m nervous to share my location. Thank goodness I have a common non descript name..

      Be Blessed.

  5. Sarina,

    Arrived at your site today for the first time. I have been a sewer and sewing instructor for over 30 years. I was a National Sewing Educator with the world’s largest retail sewing machine manufacturer for several years, and have been a sewing and quilting instructor at my local community college for over 15 years. Your site is one of the most comprehensive sites I have seen so far. I will definetly be recommending your site as a resource for my students. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this amazing reference tool together.

    1. Hi Robin
      So nice of you to say that. It is great coming from an experienced sewer. Thanks. If you see mistakes (which is inevitable at times) hope you will point out.

  6. Hi, Sarina, I’m doing a review article on fashion and I’m using your website because it’s super helpful and and you learn about fashion, and I quote things from your article but I was wondering, what’s your full name so I can add you, when I’m done with the article I can send you a copy just let me know how.

  7. Sarina, your site is an amazing resource for anyone interested in fashion and cultivating their personal style. Thanks for the thoughtful and diligent effort you have put into it. Stay blessed and keep up the wonderful work!

  8. Hi Sarina,
    Love your web space! so full of creativity and interesting projects!
    would you kindly pls add me to your mailing list – i would love to keep up with all your latest! Stay well and safe!

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