Author: Sarina Tariq

Hello, I'm Sarina. I am a graduate in English Literature, a postgraduate in business management, and am passionate about fashion, clothes, and creating things with fabrics. In my spare time, you will find me buried in books, both fiction and non-fiction, or in my sewing room, surrounded by my never-ending fabric stash and all those UFOs (Un-Finished Projects).

I really have a blast reading about fashion and clothes, creating clothes, exploring sewing techniques, doing embroidery and other fabric manipulations to decorate them, recording the processes, and then writing about all of that here.

Clothes are more than garments; they are statements of identity. Fashion is like wearing art, and clothes help us show our personality and feel special and confident. I am fascinated by the relationship between history, culture, and fashion, and by the stories behind clothing choices and designs. I have a deep appreciation for fashion as a reflection of cultural evolution.

Hope I can translate the fun I have with threads and fabrics with my posts and encourage you to make even more awesome stuff than you already do. 

We can learn and do wonderful things together. Thank you for wanting to.

Sarina Tariq