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If you have any suggestions or questions you may contact me at sarina.sewguide@gmail.com; If I don’t reply back please do not think I am ignoring – I may have forgotten, as usual. 

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  1. I have never been very good at reading a tape measure of any kind, (other than 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, whole), and I’m not that great at math! Your instructions on how to read a sewing tape were awesome! It totally made everything click in my head! I wish they had taught me this in school when I actually took sewing class, maybe I would have understood the math of it all better. Thank you!

  2. If you take your bust measurement and divide by 1/4 you are multiplying by 4, I don’t think that’s what you intended as that’s a lot of easy!

    1. What nonsense have I written 🙂 I meant divide by 4, ofcourse. Where did you see this? Thanks for pointing it out

      1. “ Width – you can make a Kaftan with cloth which are 44 inch and upwards. Even a 36 inch cloth is ok but the sleeve length will be less. Just decide how much you need the cloth to hang from your shoulder and go from there.

        Take measurement of your Bust round loosely and Divide this by ¼

        Add 1.5 inches to it

        Fold the full length of fabric in half and iron this half-way mark. This will be your shoulder line.”

        Nota problem if one already sees, but ……..

  3. Darling promise

    Nice informations please am darling I want to learn sewing and willing to subscribe to your channels

  4. Hi, I really loved this site and its contents. I would love to learn more. It would be great if you activated a “subscribe to Sewguide” option and sent newsletters. Thanks <3

    1. Hi Sadia
      Thanks for the nice words. I have a “subscribe to Sewguide” option activated and I do send monthly newsletter – on the top of the browser. I hope you will subscribe.

      1. Hi Sarina, I, too, would like to subscribe, but I can’t seem to find the place to do it. I’ve been on your website for an hour now, looking through stuff, but haven’t seen it. Please will you be more specific about exactly where the subscribe option is to be found? I originally was searching for info on polar fleece, luxe fleece and anti-pill fleece. I appreciated the detail I found on the differences between fleece types. Then I found the hemstitching page with all the different types of blanket stitches wonderfully illustrated. So interesting. Thank you.

  5. Hi, I was just wondering if you have an amazon page for the recommended pattern books so that I can see which editions you recommend

    Many thanks

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