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  1. Hi,
    On the post/page smocking there is a picture of 4 dresses. I would love to make the dresses, especially the blue stripe one. Are these patterns available?
    I enjoy reading and gathering info from your website.
    Thank you

  2. Have you any suggestions on using children’s outgrown
    Denim jeans? Purses, bibs, etc., and the like?
    Any suggestions will be appreciated…thank you.

  3. Hi Sarina

    love your website whenever I am stuck I come over and checkout what to do next
    I use to receive emails from you but now I don’t what happened

    Thanks a lot god bless you

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      Hi Titilope
      You can subscribe by entering your email on the bar on top of the site (if viewed on a PC) or on the pop-up box which appears on the website. Thanks for asking – really appreciate. I have now entered your email if you do not mind

  4. I very much wanted to download the diy tote with a floral embroidery design. Howver after running through the “extension” three times, and having my toolbar re-designed, I still did NOT get the template. Can you email that to me, or tell me how to get it downloaded.

    thank you.

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      Hi Elizabeth
      I am sorry for the trouble you had – please do not click on download buttons, unless you really want to – those are not from the site but advertisements ( a necessary evil – necessary for running the site and evil if they are ruining your experience). I am afraid I do not have any downloading patterns in the site- it is simply drawn on the fabric with the dimensions given in the pictures . If you go further down in the post you will find the dimensions and they are easy enough to make.

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      Hi Patricia
      I have removed you from the email list; alternatively, you could click on the unsubscribe button on the end of the mail.

  5. Your website is so useful & helpful in so many way! I sell clothes online on Poshmark & its is so helpful to me to find out names of collars etc. I was wondering if you had any books & if not why not you would be great to make a Fabric Dictionary Book, Pieces of Clothing Book…I have a lot of ideas. Mainly i just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work you do to keep people like me, informed & education in the craft of sewing.

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