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  1. I love your post on how to DIY your own camisole pattern, but I noticed a glaring typo that needs attention. You keep referring to point B on the diagram as “O” in the text (I was able to figure it out from context clues because going in 3.5 inches from point J brings me to point B on the diagram). Also, you don’t describe how to find J-O anywhere on the picture or in the text. As point O in the picture is the start of line O-P (the waist line), it’s pretty important to know where to put the waist on a pattern like this. Can you clarify how you came up with that placement?

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      Hi Arwa
      Can you not see the subscription form on top of the page or in the article. I will add your address to the contact list ; Thanks for wanting to. : )

  2. Hello,
    Right now I am experiencing alot of new changes in my life. I have had to have multiple surgeries due to a life threatening disease that collapsed some of my abdominal organs. I have gone through one of the multiple corrective surgeries for this internal damage and ended up having to have an emergency Ileostomy surgery. I now have a part of my small intestine on the outside of my stomach that I attach to a plastic bag. Not sexy anymore but alive. Because of this new addition that lies upon my stomach clothing has become a real challenge. I have read alot on your site and have decided to try my hand at sewing my own clothes instead of trying to find stuff on the market. I bought my 1st pattern – an apron. This way I can succeed, fail and get to know my sewing machine and get some experience under my belt before I try anything more complex.
    I am writing to you to ask if you take questions about sewing and anything else that might come up for this beginner and if you don’t if you could direct me somewhere that could.
    Thank you, your site is hands down the best i have ever come across.

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      Hi Xoe Coco Kahlo,
      Very sorry to hear about your troubles. You are very brave. Thanks for the appreciative words. Makes me want to work more on the site than I do.
      Can I suggest you to join some of the facebook groups dedicated to sewing. These groups have many people who are very dedicated to sewing and if you join the group (it is free for all but they should approve you, which they do for all) some one will be there to answer your questions after you post it. Like this one /groups/462679890594490/. There are many others too – you can join more than one group and ask your questions. If one person doesnot have answer there will surely be some one in the group who knows. You can ofcourse, put out the questions here as well.
      Best wishes
      Take care and stay safe

  3. Hi there,

    We’re interested in advertising on your website.

    Could you please let me know what advertising options you offer?

    Thanks for your time.

    Karen Smith

  4. Hey Sarina,

    My name is Shawn, and I am the Senior Editor at Feedfond. I hope you are having a great day.While browsing your website, I found some great articles, and an article idea popped in my mind.

    I thought I’d share that with you. Because I am sure your audience would love to read about that.

    Please let me know if you allow guest posting. I would be more than happy to contribute an article on the topic.

    Waiting for your reply.


    [P.S.: I am open to discussing any Editorial terms you have]

  5. hello

    as you did not answer my question after translate this article , i mention and link your name site in our shop i hope you will consent me

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      Hi Mahdi
      I am sorry for not replying. You can mention the site name and thanks for that. If there is a problem do not link. Thanks again and best wishes

      1. thank you , no problem

        excuse me just a one more question

        can i add a new text to article or change some part like that is say this type is popular or remove like this

        My husband is quite a clothes horse and loves to dress

        i say people instead of husband

        because you mention to husband and i try connected the ext to the people

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  6. hello thanks for your good Article.
    i’m sorry because i can’t speak English as well
    i have one question :
    we have a shop clothing and we need article.
    i come to ask you can i translate your article for our site? i’ll mention your site name but i don’t link it because google analytics give a negative point for our site.

  7. I just bought a brand new ST371HD Brother Sewing Machine. I need to find the right threads for heavy, medium and light thread. I do know how-to sewing light machines on a regular basis every day but it is broken. So I bought a new Heavy Duty Brother Sewing Machine, in case if heavy require to sew such as laundry bag with thick handles. I tried to print “All About Selecting the Right Sewing Machine Thread” but I get only one print (one page). Do you sell the book as above? I don’t want to go online and spend wasting my money on something I don’t know, especially on my inexperience. I need money-wise with the right type of thread. Thank you so much. My name is Laura Urrutia and I’m deaf.

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      Hi Laura
      You can sew with your regular threads with this sewing machine. If you look at the manual for the machine it will have a detailed section on the type of thread to use with the machine . For eg for this particular machine it says – For medium weight cotton fabrics, denim, you can use the regular cotton thread (size within the range of 60-90)
      For thin fabrics with synthetic fibers like Georgette, polyester taffeta etc you can use polyester thread (size within the range of 60-90). For thicker fabrics you can use a cotton thread of size 30 -50
      When sewing thick fabrics/many layers with any machine you can follow some guidelines which is better explained in this post “ Tips for sewing thick fabrics/many layers of fabric with your sewing machine”
      I suppose you have already read this post on sewing machine threads

  8. Am Mary from Nigeria am a beginner in sewing and I just came across your post and is very educating please were do start from or do you have any for beginners and also contains pattern for beginners also to enable me start from the scratch. Thanks

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      Can you start with this page Free sewing patterns ;If you do not know sewing at all and if you are a self starter maybe you can learn to master the sewing tips and techniques on this page first before attempting anything major. And start by making simple things like an elastic skirt here or the frilly top here or the summer top here (which I think are easy ) or even make a few accessories like a zipper purse here.
      And if all these seem too complicated you may want to join a beginner course at a sewing school and start from there. Best wishes

  9. Hey – I’m working with a company that is looking for sites that have content relating to clothing and I came across yours.

    Any chance you’d be open to hearing about a way you could link to a merchant and make money in the case someone clicks on the link and purchases something?

    Just wanted to see if it’s something you’d be interested in hearing about! If not, I hope you have a great day!

  10. Hi Sarina, greetings from Indonesia. I’ve read your tutorial on shirring ruffle cuff. It’s so clear and easy to understand. But I was wondering how do you sew the lining to prevent itching caused by the elastic thread? I have imagined it, but would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks

  11. Dear madam/Sir
    Say hello to you
    I’m from China. Our 400-employee factory makes children’s and adult clothing and women’s t-shirts. Children’s cotton-padded clothes, USB charging intelligent heating cotton-padded clothes (there are pictures for your reference), if you need, you can directly buy goods from my factory, I can save you 30 ~ 40% of the money earned by middlemen, we have OEM services. It’s my honor to be your supplier. Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you very much

  12. I had a pattern many years ago that had an unusual pocket design. Is there any way I can send pictures so that someone may be able to help me find the pattern? It got lost sometime during a couple to moves?

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      Hi Judy
      I think the best bet for you would be to join one of the sewing groups on facebook with many members (running to thousands) and post your request there, with the photo. One of the many members who see your post may (or maynot 🙂 ) help you.

  13. I had a pattern many years ago that had an unusual pocket design. Is there any way I can send pictures so that someone may be able to help me find the pattern? It got lost sometime during a couple to moves?

  14. This is a great website! Every time I get your e-mails, there is always at least one great idea to try. So many great projects! Especially for clothes that are still in great shape, but just need some adjusting.
    Do you by any chance have a lesson/tutorial for adjusting patterns?
    I have bought some vintage patterns, but they are a bit small. Some are multi-size – 14-16-18, but I will need to make them larger. I don’t want to wait until I lose weight.
    Can you help me or tell me where I can find the info?

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  15. Hi Sarina, your site is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the art of sewing and fashion-if I have to summarize in one word – SarinaSewpedia. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all your efforts. Wishing you all the very best!

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  16. am so interested in your page , I just started a designing course and I would really be honored if I could easily have access to all the tutorials and teaching notes. Please contact me Thank you

  17. Hi,
    On the post/page smocking there is a picture of 4 dresses. I would love to make the dresses, especially the blue stripe one. Are these patterns available?
    I enjoy reading and gathering info from your website.
    Thank you

  18. Have you any suggestions on using children’s outgrown
    Denim jeans? Purses, bibs, etc., and the like?
    Any suggestions will be appreciated…thank you.

  19. Hi Sarina

    love your website whenever I am stuck I come over and checkout what to do next
    I use to receive emails from you but now I don’t what happened

    Thanks a lot god bless you

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      Hi Titilope
      You can subscribe by entering your email on the bar on top of the site (if viewed on a PC) or on the pop-up box which appears on the website. Thanks for asking – really appreciate. I have now entered your email if you do not mind

  20. I very much wanted to download the diy tote with a floral embroidery design. Howver after running through the “extension” three times, and having my toolbar re-designed, I still did NOT get the template. Can you email that to me, or tell me how to get it downloaded.

    thank you.

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      Hi Elizabeth
      I am sorry for the trouble you had – please do not click on download buttons, unless you really want to – those are not from the site but advertisements ( a necessary evil – necessary for running the site and evil if they are ruining your experience). I am afraid I do not have any downloading patterns in the site- it is simply drawn on the fabric with the dimensions given in the pictures . If you go further down in the post you will find the dimensions and they are easy enough to make.

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      Hi Patricia
      I have removed you from the email list; alternatively, you could click on the unsubscribe button on the end of the mail.

  21. Your website is so useful & helpful in so many way! I sell clothes online on Poshmark & its is so helpful to me to find out names of collars etc. I was wondering if you had any books & if not why not you would be great to make a Fabric Dictionary Book, Pieces of Clothing Book…I have a lot of ideas. Mainly i just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work you do to keep people like me, informed & education in the craft of sewing.

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