Make a sleeveless CAMISOLE TOP-DIY pattern & sewing tutorial

A sleeveless camisole top is a wonderful option for all those looking for a casual  fun simple  top to wear with their jeans, pants and shorts or even skirts.The classic relaxed style of this Aline silhouette is my favourite casual attire.

 how to sew a camisole top

To make this top, make a paper pattern on a folded paper; open it up and keep it on the bias grain of the fabric and cut it out. 

Pattern for the Camisole top- front 

camisole top pattern

The height of the top I have here is  30 inch.  
This is marked as A-D
A-B is the neck width – 3.5″  ( I have increased this a little more to make it a boat shape in my top)

Mark the armhole depth as per the table below A-J

Mark C 3.5 inch down from A. From C mark 3.5 inch inside to O.

Mark A-N – 1/2 of the shoulder ( half of the measure from one shoulder to the other).Mark straight down from N to K on the line J-H ( at armhole depth)Mark 1″ from K to L. Mark 3/4 inch diagonally from L to M. Mark the armhole line touching the M from H to O

Mark B-I as the neck depth 6 -7″ ( This is also individual preference) 

Shoulder strap. Measure the distance from H- B. Add the armhole depth ( as per the table) to this ;add 1/2 inch to this ; this is the length of biastape you need for each armhole for the shoulder strap.Ie if the measure from H-B is 10 inch ; when I add armhole depth for me at 7 inch as per the table below and then add another 1/2 inch seam allowance it will be 17.5″- I will cut 2 straps like this.

Back pattern for the camisole top

The back pattern is a copy of the front pattern except the top portion will be cut off.You just need J-H -F-D-J.

 camisole top back pattern
Step 1

Bodices – Cut out fabric pieces from  the paper pattern.

how to sew a camisole

Bias tapes – Cut the bias tapes as well. You need 2 shoulder straps ( as per the measure given above) and an extra piece bias tape for the front neck.

Facing for back pattern – you need a piece of facing for the back piece top edge . A piece of fabric strip of width 4 inch and length the width of the back pattern top edge would do as this facing 

I also did some small embroidery on the front bodice. Just used 6 strands of embroidery thread to fill in the pattern


camisole sewing pattern

Step 2

Bias bind the front neck

how to make a camisole top

Step 3

Bias bind the armhole. Complete the shoulder strap.Do this for both armholes

camisole top pattern diy

Step 4

Finish the edges of the back facing piece. Keep it rightside down on the back bodice piece top edges together. Pin in place. 

camisole pattern and tutorial

Fold the back piece by 4 . Mark the fold from both the edges – this is where the straps will be joined

camisole stitching pattern

Insert the straps in between the facing and the back pieces which are kept right sides together. Stitch the top edge ( with the straps sandwiched between the facing and the back bodice piece)Make two lines of stitches so that straps are securely stitches in place

Step 5

Top stitch the facing of the back top edge in place 

camisole stitching

Step 6

Sew the sideseams. I hid the edges by turning them inside and stitching. Checkout more edge finishing techniques here

how to sew a camisole top pattern

Step 7

Sew the hem by turning under. Blindstitch or make a facing or simply turn under the hem and stitch with sewing machine

If you want real shape give darts near the waist. 


 camisole sewing pattern


Bust measurement inchesArmhole depth

286 3/4
306 3/4
347 1/4
367 1/4
387 1/4
407 1/2
427 1/2

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