A sewing guide to fashion



Sewing techniques

If you are new to sewing or you want some extra sewing knowledge you will want to look at this page with hundreds of sewing tips and tutorials


sewing guide

Free & Easy sewing projects

Hundreds of sewing turotials for sewing your own clothes and accessories


Different types of fabric

Everything about the fabric you are sewing with or the fabric that your clothes are made of.

Fashion styles

All the different clothing styles and fashion styles

surface embellishments on fabric

Fabric Surface Embellishments

Decorate your fabric and bring texture to it with many different techniques


Learn Embroidery

Frequently Asked Questions answered for learning embroidery

sewguide garment care

Garment and Fabric Care

Learn techniques to keep your clothes and fabric fresh as ever

sewing machines

Sewing Machines

How to use sewing machines, solutions to common sewing machine problems, how to repair a sewing machine and more