Ribbon Rose – 7 types of roses you can make easily

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“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”. I didn’t say that. Emma Goldman did. It is arguable whether I or any reader would fully agree with this sentiment – but it is a worthy one. Rose ARE beautiful. You cannot argue with that. It is perfect in every way. As a flower, it is the queen.

You cannot replicate this flower, the way God made it, exactly. But you can try to make something close – with some ribbons.

diy - ribbon rose making

Ribbon Rose DIY tutorials

You do not need much to make these ribbon rose flowers. Some pretty ribbons, hand sewing needle, matching thread, some floral wire (optional) and a quick drying glue (this is optional too). Check out the post on different types of ribbons if you are confused about what to use.

1 Easy peasy Rose

diy rose with ribbon

Take some 20 inch + length of ribbon ( with more length you get more petals, obviously) of  any width ( this will determine the size of the rose) 

Make wide herringbone stitches as shown in the picture below all along the length of the ribbon

ribbon roses

After you have done, without cutting the thread, just pull the thread and tighten – the rose will automatically form in your hands. Arrange the folds to your liking. Secure the rose with stitches and a knot. Add a bead or two in the middle of your rose with glue or stitching.

make roses with ribbon

2 Gathered rose

ribbon rosemaking

This is the easiest way that you can make roses with ribbons. Take a ribbon of about 30 inches or more; make basting stitches ( long stitches with your hand needle and thread) along one long edge.

make aribbon rose

If you want stem for this rose, keep a floral wire of appropriate length and then keep the gathered ribbon around this wire.

ribbon rose diy

Gather the first folds very tightly. This will create the bud in the middle , then gather loosely along the outer edge

making ribbon roses

As you end the gathers, take the last raw edge and fold it to gather it with the base. You can secure the rose by tying the base with thread or a small piece of floral wire.

3 Loop ribbon rose

This rose is made by taking about one meter or one and a half meter of ribbon. Start making loops and stitching them at the base. The first few loops should be longer, like 1 inch (depending on the size of the flower you want) – They form the outer petals.

make rose with ribbons

Make adjacent loops and continue stitching the base.

how to make ribbon rose

As you progress you should be making smaller loops.

ribbon rose making tutorial

Take a super glue ( the kind which sets immediately); roll the loop ribbon you have into a rose and glue in place – the smaller loops inside and longer loops outside.

how to make ribbon roses

how to make roses with ribbon

4 Round petal Ribbon roses

For making this ribbon rose you need to cut 1 inch wide (or more) ribbon to two sizes – 2.5 inch long and 3.5 inch long – 6 numbers each

They are folded as shown in the picture and stiched at the base.

diy ribbon roses tutorial

Curve and fold one of the small pieces into a tight bud. Tightly tie thread at the base.

making roses with ribbon diy

Tie other small pieces of ribbons around the bud. The flat side of the ribbon pieces ( back side of the folds) will be facing up.

make ribbon roses

Tie the other pieces ( bigger ones ) around the smaller ones. Tie with the thread at the base to secure. In hindsight, I think this flower would look better with satin ribbon.

how to make easy ribbon roses

5 Ribbon roses with pointed petals

Cut ribbon pieces of about 2.5 inches & 3.5 inches long 6 or more pieces each.

Make a bud by folding one of the small pieces of ribbon (2.5 inch long) as follows. 

Then fold to the inside and curl it to form a bud like the picture below. Tie around the base with a thread and keep aside.

diy easy ribbon rose

Use the other ribbon pieces to make the rest of the petals of the ribbon rose

diy ribbon rose tutorials


The strung petals are then tied around this bud to form a cute flower. If you use satin ribbon the flower can look a lot more authentic than it does with my nylon ribbon

diy ribbon roses

6 Folded rose

These are small ribbon roses made with 1/4 inch wide ribbon, and they are as cute as a button.

This is a rose made by folding the ribbon in a particular way of folding. Checkout the tutorial to make this flower and others in the ribbon embroidery flower tutorial post here. Cut about 12 inch long ribbon for making each of the rose.

folded ribbon flowers

7 Rolled rose

This rose is one of the easiest roses you can make with ribbon and the closest it will look to the real rose.

This can be stitched on to any of your clothing ; they look especially good on kids’ dresses.

It is better made with a double sided ribbon of width about 1/2 inch or so; but it can also be made with one side smooth ribbon- you just have to be careful when you roll that the smooth side of the ribbon faces outside all the time.

Cut about 20 -25 inches of a 1/2 inch wide ribbon

easy ribbon rose making

Fold ribbon as shown in the picture below, leaving a 2″ tall.

ribbon rose tutorials

Roll the ribbon from the left side to the right so that a small bud is formed.

The rest of the petals of this rose is made with a fold and roll method.

Hold the base of the bud in your left hand. Fold the ribbon ( on the right side – the longer tail) to the outside at a right angle. Now roll the ribbon so that the outside edge of the ribbon forms a soft curl. curve this around the bud. No one petal is formed

Repeat this process of fold and roll all around the flower. At all point you should secure the flower at the base with a thread


rolled ribbon rose

When you reach the outer petals, the rolls are made more vertical , they almost resemble loops.

make ribbon rose  ribbon rose


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