How to draw and paint a ROSE : 6 easy designs

Simple and easy ways to draw and paint rose - with step by step directions

In my mind, a rose has no parallel among flowers, which is why when I wanted a floral design for painting on a pillowcase, I decided to do a rose. Then something spooky happened. Wherever I looked I started to see rose prints.

My kids excused me when I stopped the car to take the picture of a bedsheet with a beautiful rose picture on the clothesline of some home but they drew the line when I took my camera out to take the picture of a rose on the dress of a girl I saw on a supermarket aisle. I do not think I can persuade them to come with me anywhere for some time now.

But anyways, I found my designs – 5 beautiful ones which are easy for a beginner painter

This post is for a beginner who finds it difficult to draw a rose easily and then paint it in a passably rose look alike way.

rose painting

When you start to paint a rose you will find that the color choice of paint is going to be the last of your concern. Whatever color you have in your cupboard, there will be a rose in that shade, for sure. After all there are more than 100 varieties of roses in all the colors imaginable, in this world. 

You can choose the color of your rose according to the meaning they are assigned. Red rose is a symbol of love and Romance. Yellow is for friendship, joy and wellness; Lavender denotes love at first sight and pink is for gratitude, appreciation and love.

Learn some basic tips to do fabric painting here if you are a beginner, as well as the 10 commonly used fabric painting techniques.

5 easy ways to draw and paint a rose

Method 1. Easy table roses.

how to draw and paint a rose flower

These rose flowers are made by drawing circles on your fabric. Yes, drawing them is that easy. The rest is simple outline

Make a drawing on the fabric as below. The petal outlines can be drawn later

fabric painting rose

Paint the inside of the circles with a light color of the shade you want.

easy rose painting

Now mix a darker shade and take on a 0 brush and draw the outline of the petals. Finish the leaves

Method 2. Finger paint a rose.

easy rose painting

This is an abstract rose. Draw a big circle and then give some plains to the outline as in the picture below to give the outline of a rose.Fill with your favourite color 

how to paint a rose with acrylic fabric paint for beginners

You can decide on the way to draw petals any way you want. 

Take thick fabric paint on your fingers or a thick brush and draw the petal outlines

how to paint a rose with acrylics for beginners

You can go to town playing with finger paint here, mixing and spreading fabric paint on your rose. Work when the paint is still wet. Sure, you will have paint under your nails and it is very very difficult to remove but it is very satisfying to finger paint 

how to paint a rose with fabric paint

how to paint a rose for beginners

how to paint a rose on fabric for beginners

Method 3.

easy rose painting

This is a rose with a white outline. You can do the outline with an outliner or with a 0 brush. Outliner is easy to use and gives an even thick outline.

simple rose painting

Fill the rose with your chosen color. Wait till it is thoroughly dry before you start the outline

simple rose painting

You can draw the outline as shown earlier or as in the picture below

Method 4.

simple rose painting on fabric

Draw the outline of the rose on the fabric. Paint inside. After you paint the base layer, before the paint is dry, draw the petal outline inside with a pencil.

rose drawing


rose painting tutorial

After the paint is dry start making outlines with white color and then dark color shading for the base of the petals.

rose painting diy

This rose is easy to convert to an applique patch. You just need to cut it out leaving a 1/4 inch margin all around and then stitch it as applique with satin stitches all around as done in this project – Messenger Bag Pattern

messenger bag pattern

Method 5.

how to paint a rose step by step

This is a simple enough rose design with black outline and shading.

Draw your rose by making a heart shape. Draw a circle inside and then make petals around this

simple rose painting

Fill the inside of the rose with your color.

how to paint a simple rose

Finish the rest of the design and wait for the base layer to dry to the touch. Otherwise, when you paint the outline, it will run.

how to paint a simple rose

Using the thinnest brush you have to draw the outline with black fabric paint, which is diluted just enough that the brush will move, and not any more.

rose painting diy on fabric

When the outline is dry, make eyelash thin shading on the base of the petals. Do not take more paint on the brush. Just a touch of paint is enough to give the shading. 

easy fabric painting rose tutorial

METHOD 6. Outline Rose painting

tshirt painting

If you cannot be bothered to draw and paint but still want rose in your projects there are other means like Rose embroidery – 12 ways to embroider rose designs ; making DIY Fabric roses ; making felt roses ; Or applique with printed rose fabric motifs – Broderie Perse applique technique

broderie perse applique

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