Rose Embroidery – 10 ways to make embroidered roses easily

Ask 5 people in your vicinity about their favourite flower  and 3 of them will say  rose. I did and this was correct for me.  What is not to love about a rose – the colour, texture, smell and beauty unparalleled among flora.Rose is a divine flower – the flower which is associated with goddesses of love. Rose has a symbolic meaning of  love, trust, desire and passion.

To stitch a rose in embroidery is easy. Take any embroidery pattern book and you will find scores of pictures of roses. Infact rose will dominate the pictures of flowers. Once you have transferred the design on to your fabric for embroidery you will have to decide on how to embroider it. That is what this post is all about

How to stitch Rose in Embroidery. 

1 Outline stitch rose

how to stitch a rose

This is the simplest way for stitching a rose. Just the outline is made with any of the outline stitches like stem stitch, Chain stitchback stitch. Here I have used back stitch.


2 Satin stitched roses

rose embroidery


3. Buttonhole stitch roses

embroidered roses

Closely made blanket stitches are used to either fill the rose or work on the outline

4 Silk ribbon embroidery 

tibbon embroidery flowers

Ribbon embroidery work can be used to make the most beautiful roses ever. That too in many types and styles. From simple french knot roses to frilled and gathered roses there are many options for you if you want to work your rose embroidery work with ribbons. Checkout the ribbon embroidery flower tutorial for more details

folded ribbon flowers

5 Woven spider web rose

how to make a rose in embroidery

This flower is an easy one and 3 dimensional .

You have to take the full strand of embroidery floss ( with 6 threads ) twice on a blunt needle. Knot the ends. Take another sharp needle and the same colour thread (one strand) and make a web with 8 tails like the  one in picture below

Bring up the blunt needle from the center of the star stitch and start to Weave the thread under and over the stitches. Complete the whole circle and then take the needle to the back and knot again.

rose embroidery

6 Bullion knot roses

rose embroidery

For the bullion knot roses a small french knot is made first and then the bullion knots are made around the french knot.

Use milliner needles with the eye the same size as the shank for making the bullion stitches
First, as usual, put the needle in and out of fabric, with tip and eye showing.
Wrap as many times around the needle as possible with enough room at the top to get a hold of the needle.
When you have completed all the wraps, pull the needle through
Smooth the bullion by rubbing the wraps between thumb and finger;  tie off. Make 2-3 similar stitches around the french knot slightly overlapping the previous one

Make the small leaves by making straight stitches like a V in the bottom end of the flower. 

7. French knot roses

embroidered rose

French knot by themselves look like a beautiful rose, but they are very small. When you make a number of them together they can take on the look of a rose

8 Gold work roses

This is made by passing the needle through the gold string cut into small pieces and making loops around a center

embroidery roses

9 Geometric  rose

rose embroidery

This rose is worked by making a center full of french knots and then working straight stitches around the center to look like petals

10 Needle painting rose

embroidered rose stitching tutorial

Needle painting uses long and short stitch to fill the inside of the rose design.When different shades are combined the gradation effect of the long and short stitch can make your work look like a painting – though mine is a long way from looking like one.

In a history book I read about a war named after a Rose. I donot know why and wonder at this unless they fought for a rose. Anyways I know that Rose is the official flower of the month of June. I know someone born in June who needs a rose embroidered something urgently – me myself

If you donot know how to draw a rose freehand checkout the picture below for some very simple steps.

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