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Cast on Embroidery Stitch

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cast on stitch

Cast on embroidery stitch is a very dimensional stitch that is commonly used in Brazilian embroidery. It is usually made with a high sheen rayon floss or a shiny Perle cotton thread and is one of the most beautiful of all hand embroidery stitches. 

One cast on stitch makes the petal of a flower, a bud, leaf, and whatever you want it to be. It is like the bullion stitch in  its versatility (Follow the bullion stitch tutorial here)

To make this stitch follow these steps :

Make a knot at the end of your thread (single Perle cotton thread is threaded on a long thin needle) 

Come up through the fabric at the point where you want the petal (at A in the picture).

cast on stitch

Insert the needle a little distant from where you came up  (B) and come up near the first point again (A).

Make a loop of the thread as in the picture.

Insert the needle through the loop.

Take the stitch to the back of the needle.

cast on stitches

After the first cast-on do more – the same action shown above is repeated to make the stitches on the needle – usually more than 5 are made on the needle.

When you do it in real-time repetitively, the action will become very easy and automatic. Only the first cast-on stitch is difficult to make – the subsequent stitches can be made blindfolded.

Take up the needle, bringing the stitched part down (slowly ease it down the thread)

cast on embroidery stitch

Bring it down till the stitch is down to the fabric and where you want it to be. Smooth everything. Make sure there is no thread loose or anything projecting out other than your very attractive cast-on stitch. Take the needle down at B. 


You can come up at another place to make your next cast on stitch.

Arrange the petals in different ways to make your own different types of flowers.

cast on stitch for 3 d embroidery

How to sew a 3-d rose with cast on stitch

Make a french knot stitch in the middle and then two or three bullion knots around.

cast on stitch flower

Make overlapping cast on stitches all around these.

cast on stitch rose flowers embroidery

After the first simple cast on stitches you can make them wider using two needles – you have to keep another needle or two together with your main needle as you knot your cast ons.

cast on stitches

Continue making wider cast-on stitches.Remove the extra stitches as you take down the stitch.

Double cast on stitch

This is made using two colors of thread. I have used 2 shades of violet here. It gives a nice variegated effect.

Come up with the two colored threads at the same spot.

Alternate between the threads as you make cast on stitches on the needle.

When you go down to finish the stitches remember you will have to take down both the thread.

Drizzle cast on stitch

This is a stand alone cast on stitch. It stands almost upright. Instead of taking the second jab a little distant from the first you make the stitch in the same spot (A). It is a great stitch that can give depth and act as a filler in any floral embroidery project. 

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