Easy flower embroidery patterns (free) for clothes

Free flower embroidery patterns Printables - and tips to use these floral-themed embroidery designs that can be traced to your fabric and embroidered easily
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Flowers are naturally beautiful and makes the most popular embroidery design of all times for all of us. And nature has been kind to give us flowers in all shapes, sizes and colors, that we do not have to stretch our brains too much thinking of what floral embroidery design to embroider now. Here are some easy ones you can printout and embroider right away. You can also scribble simple floral shapes looking at the drawings given below.

Free floral embroidery patterns to download






Flower embroidery designs drawing

When your scribble takes on a life of its own, it is very rewarding. What I mean is the way my simple drawings transform into cute flower embroidery designs. The magic way of turning simple sketches that vaguely resemble flowers into colorful flower embroidery designs that come alive.

simple to do floral embroidery designs for clothes, accessories and home decor

As you know, there is no magic here – but the colorful embroidery thread and some simple hand embroidery stitches create enough magic on your fabric to convince you that there is something special and magical about embroidery.

These basic embroidery designs can be used on your sewing projects, and watch them become more wonderful. You can try working these embroidery designs on a baby blanket, a kid’s frock, or table linen, but my favorite place for these designs is embroidered Handkerchiefs.

Floral Embroidery Design – Lazy daisy flowers

draw tall stalks with leaves
back stitch outlines the stalks and the leaves are made in lazy daisy stitch

Simple lazy daisy stitches made along the stalks with alternating colours of the same tone – that is what this design is all about. Even the small leaves at the bottom are lazy daisy stitches in blue shades of green.

floral embroidery design with lazy daisy stitch

Floral Embroidery Design – Satin stitch flowers

draw small 5 petal flowers
fill the 6 petal flowers with satin stitch; the leaves are also filled with satin stitch

Satin stitches fill the flowers and the leaves. Satin stitch is the most prefered filling stitch for all kinds of embroidery designs. In this stitch, you use straight stitches that are placed close together to fill the design.

The satin stitch is made from left to right, close to each other so that the fabric do not show through. The result is a smooth surface on your floral designs.

Floral Embroidery Design – Bullion stitch flowers

Draw 4 circles and some leaves around them
fill the circles with bullion stitches to make roses . Leaves outlinestitched and filled with satin stitches

Fill those circles with bullion stitches in graduating colors or with variegated thread.

Bullion stitched embroidery roses look so like the original – I mean if done properly they can look as good as the real one. Check out the tutorial to learn how to properly make bullion stitches

Bullion stitch roses

Floral Embroidery Design – 5-petal flowers

draw 5 petal flowers - 4 numbers and 3 leaves
Fill the insides of the 5 petal flowers with satin stitches in 2 different monochromatic colors. Leaves filled with fly stitches

Here also Satin stitches are used to fill the flowers and the leaves are stitched with blanket stitches. Small french knots are scattered around as well as for the center of the flower.

Flower Embroidery Design – Blanket stitch flowers

5 petals flowers on tall stalks
blanket stitches fill the petals of these flowers

The stalks are worked in back stitches

Floral Embroidery Design – Long and short stitch

long and short stitches fill the design; the leaves are filled with close fly stitches

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Floral Embroidery Design – Herringbone stitch

draw sunflower design with several tear drop shaped designs around a circle
Heringbone stitches are made inside the petals.

Sunflowers are sunny and cheerful; Herringbone stitches can easily fill its petals though satin stitches are the best. When filling your floral design, remember to keep the spacing and length of the stitches as even as possible. 

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Floral Embroidery Design – Granitos stitch

Small flowers are marked with vines and leaves around
granitos stitch fills the petals and the leaves; french knots are used outside

Granitos stitches are great for making small flowers and even the leaves.

granitos stitches

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Floral Embroidery Design – Lazy daisy stitch

drawing a bunch of flowers as a bouquet
Lazy daisy stitches are used in 2 different colors to make the petals

A bunch of flowers worked exclusively with lazy daisy stitches.

floral enbroidery with lazy daisy stitches

Floral Embroidery Design – 10

Variation of lazy daisy stitches with different colored thread for the anchor stitch

In this, lazy daisy stitches are anchored with a different colored thread, which gives the flowers a pretty interesting look.

floral embroidery designs with lazy daisy stitches which are anchored with a different thread

Tips for embroidering these easy floral designs

1.When embroidering on small spaces, it may not be possible to attach a hoop there. But try to use a hoop when embroidering as the hooped fabric is easier to embroider, and the result also looks better.

2. At the start of the embroidery, you have two choices – to knot and to not knot. It is your choice, but if you are knotting, this can make the back look better than if you are not knotting.

If the embroidery design is big, this can result in a lot of knots and this can add clutter to the back. Checkout this post for different ways to start the stitching.

3.The fineness of your work can depend on the number of embroidery floss you use. Usually, two threads are used on the needle. More than this can make the embroidery look chunky, but for some embroidery stitches, you will need to take more than 2. 

4.Embroidery thread can become a big mess if you do not organize it. When you are embroidering, sort out the necessary floss needed for the design and keep it seperately

5. You need your garment, some embroidery floss in a suitable color and embroidery needle to start your embroidery. But it is nice to have additional help. Check out the different embroidery tools you can use.

leaf embroidery

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butterfly embroidery

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  3. Question: When embroidering handkerchiefs, do you just embroider on the handkerchief cloth or is it supported with a wash away interfacing?

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