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variegated embroidery threads

What is variegated thread?

This refers to the 6-strand embroidery thread and other embroidery threads with more than one color in the same skein- usually with the colors gradually moving from light to dark but it can also have contrasting colors or a melange of different colors. In most variegated thread the colors blend gradually from one to another, and this results in a shading effect which is very pretty.

variegated embroidery thread how to use

How to sew with variegated thread

Variegated thread is beautiful. The effects that you can produce with the different hues in a variegated thread will make you a fan. It has a multi-dimensional look – you can create depth projections and shadows with the help of this thread.

variegated embroidery thread tutorial

But that doesnot mean that it is easy -nothing beautiful is easy.

You will not be able to predict what you will end up with because the colors and the length of the colors that you have on a thread is not easy to predict.

If used for filling, Variegated thread’s gradient effect is best displayed in Big embroidery  designs. In small embroidery designs it is not very visible, unless you start using the thread where the change in color takes place.

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Variegated thread can give a depth to your design that other single color thread cannot unless you are using advanced and detailed embroidery techniques.

To embroider with the variegated thread you may want to test stitch a sample first to see where the color will change and become darker or lighter. If there is an abrupt change in color you will have to see where this will appear in the design.

variegated embroidery thread work

You will have to measure and ensure that the thread and the particular shade will fall where you want it to. Cut as much as you need.

Bullion stitch leaves are flowers look great when done with variegated thread. You can make a rose flower and leaves with variegated thread.

how to stitch with variegated embroidery thread

Decide on the where you want the dark color and light color and knot the thread accordingly on the needle.

Make the bullionstitch slightly curved and then arrange them in a round shape to make the rose

variegated embroidery rose flower

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variegated thread embroidery tutorial

All other embroidery techniques can be done with variegated threads but I think Crossstitch looks the best.

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