8 beautiful ways to do LAZY DAISY flower embroidery designs

Lazy daisy stitch is a beautiful variation of the chain stitch.It is also known by the name detached chain stitch. This is single chain stitch which is secured by a straight stitch.Lazy daisy refers to the flower formed when many single chain stitches ( more than 4) are made around a point forming the petals. 

lazy daisy flower

How to do a lazy daisy stitch ? 

Create a single chain stitch. Then use a straight stitch to hold the loop in place. 

lazy daisy flower

1.Long tailed daisy stitch.

lazy daisy flower embroidery designs

A variation of the lazy daisy stitch in which the anchor stitch is made longer than usual. The long pistil shape and the bud on top made by the lazy daisy stitch makes it a favourite for flower designs

2.Double lazy daisy stitch.

lazy daisy stitch

This is a simple variation of the lazy daisy stitch with 2 lazy daisy stitches nestled one inside the other.

3.Lazy Daisy stitch with two colors

how to do lazy daisy stitch

In this stitch the anchor stitch is done in a different colour. There are two ways to do it – make the small anchor stitch first and then thread your petals through these. This is one way and the easiest.

In the alternative method, the separate colour anchor stitch can be made after the whole lazy daisy stitch is done, over the anchor stitch

4.Lazy daisy with more than one anchor stitches.

make daisy flower

In this stitch more than one anchor stitches are used. A contrasting coloured thread is used for a stunning effect.

5.Spider lazy Daisy

lazy daisy flower designs

To make this stitch, first do a lazy daisy flower with odd number of petals, then the thread ( with a same coloured thread or a contrasting one) is weaved through the petals of the flowers in and out.

6.Bull’s head

lazy daisy flower embroidery

This stitch which looks like a bull’s head can be used to make bud designs. It consists of a lazy daisy stitch and a straight stitch

To work this stitch, First make a lazy daisy stitch.

From the anchor stitch bring up the needle at 1 . Slide the needle under the anchor stitch and go to 2 and insert the needle there.

7. Tulip stitch

lazy daisy

This is similar to bull’s head stitch. The only difference being the position of the straight stitch, under the lazy daisy stitch

8.Bullion head Lazy Daisy stitch

lazy daisy stitch

This stitch has a regular chain stitch with straight anchor stitch replaced by a bullion stitch.

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