Small & cute Embroidery designs for Bed sheets & Pillowcovers

Simple embroidery designs you can work on bedsheets and pillow covers

“Small is Beautiful” is a theory in Economics, environmentology and also in embroidery. And it is self explanatory.

I will give you some small and easy to do embroidery designs you can make on your plain bedsheet and matching pillowcases. There is nothing earth shattering about these designs; a child can draw and stitch them.

If you draw a circle you can draw and embroider these designs.

But when you place them carefully on the fabric and work them with patience and care, you can transform your bedsheet or pillowcase into a thing of beauty.

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Embroidery design No. 1

Embroidered roses made with bullion stitch

To do this design, mark the following drawing on your fabric. 

Mark some circles and the leaf on the bedsheet

Start filling the round shapes with slightly curved bullion stitches done with embroidery thread in 2 or 3 variations of the same color, as in the picture below. 

Fill the circles with curved or straight bullion stitches

Finish by doing the leaf.

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Embroidery design No. 2

Draw more circles on the bedsheet

The same drawing can be given a different look by changing the stitch.Do a woven rose inside the circles. Check out this post on rose embroidery for details on this stitch. 

Woven roses and fly stitch leaves

Embroidery design No. 3

Long and short stitches flowers

A simple diagram of a 4 petal flower can be filled with long and short stitches. Fill the middle portion with pistil stitches.

Flower designs filled with long and short stitches and the center made up of pistil stitches

Embroidery design No. 4

French knot stitches filling the flower designs

Mark circles again

Cute little french knot stitches fill the circle. Start by making the french knots with a dark color at the center of the circle. Then choose lighter colors and fill the outer area.  

Use different colored thread to fill the roses -gradient colors are better

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Embroidery design No. 5

Draw flower shapes on fabric

Fill the petals with straight stitches.

center of the flower filled with straight stitches

Add a french knot in the middle. 

Petals filled with two colors of embroidery floss

Embroidery design No. 6

Letters embroidered with back stitches

Draw the letter on the bedsheet or pillowcase

There is nothing elegant than a monogram on a pillowcase. You can check out this post on many ways to embroider letters. I have used back stitch here.

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Embroidery design No. 7

Pinwheel flowers

These are called pinwheel stitches and they are made by making blanket stitches inside a circle. You can finish by adding a french knot in the middle.

Mark the circles on the fabric

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Embroidery design No. 8

Flower petals filled with satin stitches

Use satin stitches to fill the inside of the flower, leaves etc.

draw circle for the flower and buds and leaves around it

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Embroidery design No. 9

bedsheet embroidery designs


bedsheet embroidery designs

Divide those circles by four and start doing satin stitches on each of the four sections. You will end up with a sweet little flower.

bedsheet embroidery designs


Embroidery design No. 10

Blanket stiched flowers

This design is similar to pinwheels. But the shape of the flower is different and hence creates a completely different look.

blanket stitches and Frenck knot centers for flower embroidery on bedsheets

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