11 beautiful ways to do a BLANKET STITCH

The Blanket stitch can be used to actually make a fabric. That was news to me, even though I have been using this very versatile stitch in a number of ways.

In needle point lace making, this stitch is used to make the fabric itself. Most beautiful designs of applique and cut work use a blanket stitch to perfection.

Other than for edging blankets (hence the name) this stitch can be used in a number of ways to decorate and embellish your clothes.

blanket stitch

1.Simple Blanket stitch

Blanket stitch blanketstitch-b8-compressor

2.Uneven blanket stitch

Long and short blanket stitches are used. Alternate stitches are smaller, half of the bigger one. 


3.Closely packed blanket stitch

This stitch is also called Button hole stitch and is used to make buttonholes. The blanket stitches are done very close to each other.Know more about the buttonhole stitch here

buttonhole stitch

4.Double blanket stitch

In this stitch another parallel row of blanket stitch is worked, such that the teeth of one row of stitches come between the other row. This looks more attractive when done with a different coloured thread. 

blanket stitch

5.Boxed blanket stitch

This is a simple blanket stitch with running stitch added to make boxes. Running stitch is worked after the blanket stitch is done. You should connect consecutive stitches of the blanket stitch and then leave one and continue. 

blanket stitch

6.Closed blanket stitch

This is blanket stitches worked in a diagonal way. Consecutive stitches are taken so that they meet to form a triangle. 

blanket stitch


7.Whipped blanket stitch

Whipped stitches done with a contrasting/complimentary thread over the bottom edge of the blanket stitch is a very effective way of embellishing the basic stitch.

whipped blanket stitch


8.Crossed Blanket Stitch

In this stitch an ordinary blanket stitch is alternated with a diagonal(crossed) blanket stitch resulting in a line of crossed stitches.Always make sure that the thread is under the needle. 

 crossed blanket stitchblanket stitch


9.Long and short blanket stitch

This is blanket stitches done in a graded manner, making it look like a scallop. You will have to mark the portion you have to do the stitches and divide it into equal portions.Each portion should have an equal number of blanket stitches. Do the blanket stitches so that the tallest blanket stitch will come  in the middle of these portions. It is a good idea to draw parallel lines to do these stitches as well

Check out the post on other 5 ways to make a scalloped edge.



10.Decorative blanket stitch

Closely packed blanket stitches are done in groups of 2 or more alternatively with ordinary blanket stitches.

blanket stitch



Blanket stitches are worked around a point to make these beautiful pinwheels. They look so much like flowers.


blanket stitch pinwheels

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