DIY Pillow covers : How to sew a Pillow case with zippered opening & flanges

Pillow cover pattern and sewing tutorials : 2 types ; Sew your own Pillowcase with zippered opening and with flanges. {Pillowcase Pattern Free}

I have had enough of pillowcases that doesn’t fit the pillow forms I have. This is the problem with matching odd sized pillow forms and store bought cookie cutter covers. I like somewhat fitted pillowcases, not ones like these – some too big, some too small.

The solution is to make my own pillowcases in the fabric of my choice.This is a tutorial to make 2 types of pillowcases  – one with a zippered opening and the other is a pillowcase with flanges (borders).

Standard pillow case sizes

If you want to sew a standard pillowcase here are the dimensions:

  • A standard pillow case measures 20 inches by 26 inches.
  • A king sized pillow case can measure up to 20 inches by 36 inches.
  • A medium sized pillow case measures 20 inches by 30 inches.

Sew your own pillow-covers

Method 1 : Pillowcase with zippered opening

This pillowcase keeps everything neatly inside – secured with a zippered opening. 

make your own pillowcase

For this, you need the pillowcase fabric and a long zipper (ordinary).

Measure the length and breadth of your pillow form – measure accurately from one seam to the other.

Cut out 3 fabric pieces in the dimensions mentioned in the picture below.

The zipper has to be attached between the two back pieces.

Take the bigger of the back pieces; Fold the short edge of the bigger back piece 3/4 inch to the back side of the fabric. Press in place.

sew pillowcases

Place the fabric wrong side up in front of you, so that the fold is in front of you. Keep the zipper face down a little to the inside from the edge as in the picture below; pin in place.

diy pillowcases

make pillow cases

Use a zipper foot to sew close to the zipper teeth. Ensure that the extra lip is maintained along the edge after the zipper teeth as you stitch. 

diy pillow case

The zipper will now have a small covering. Close the zipper. Keep the fabric rightside up infront of you.

sewing pillow cases

Now keep the piece C rightside down on the top as in the picture below.


Sew along the edge, joining the piece C and the other zipper edge.

It will look like this, when it is rightened up – the lip of the fabric edge effectively covering the zipper opening.

sew a pillow case

Now you have to assemble the front and back pieces.

Keep the front fabric piece right side up in front of you. Keep the zippered piece right side down on top of this.

Open the zipper a little (2 inches or so). Keep it so. This is to turn the pillowcase rightside out. 

Sew along the periphery with a 1/4 inch allowance. 

You can finish the edge with  zig zag stitch for a neat look inside.

Turn your pillowcase right side out through the opened zipper. 

sewing pillowcases

Insert your pillow from inside. 


Method 2 : Pillowcase with flanges

how to sew a pillowcase

Flanges are attractive borders all around the edge.

Cut out fabric pieces in the dimensions given below. 

sew pillowcases



Sew the edges of the two back pieces (edges A & B). Turn the edges (A&B in the picture) 1/4 inches twice to the inside and stitch in place. 

Like this.

making pillow cases

Keep the big piece rightside up in front of you.Keep the small piece rightside down on top at one edge. Then keep the other piece on top, rightside down as in the picture below.

sewing tutorial for pillowcases

Sew along the periphery. 

Clip the corners like the picture below. 

sew pillowcases

Turn the pillowcase rightside out. It will look like this. 

Mark a square to the inside of your pillowcase 2 inches from the edges. 

Sew along the drawn line.

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