Bed Sheet Sizes : Flat sheets, Fitted sheets & Comforter dimensions

Single bed/ Double bed/ Queen bed/ King bed sheet sizes in inches ; different flat sheets/ bedspreads / duvet covers and their dimensions

At any point in time, your bed mattress may have several covers on it – mattress protector, fitted sheet, top flat sheet, a comforter with duvet cover, coverlet, bedspread, quilt, a throw; OR Just that lone Flat Bedsheet.

Whether you dress it for the kill or keep it super simple, it is nice to know that all these bed covers are available for you.

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Types of Bed covers

A flat bed sheet is meant to cover the whole mattress and the rest is tucked under the mattress

Fitted sheet is an alternative to the flat sheet which is shaped on the corners and fitted with elastic which makes it easy to be tucked without the bulk.

bedspread is a covering for the bed that drapes over the sides and down to the floor. The bedspread is used to cover the bed ( just like a coverlet) during the day when no one is using it. It will cover the whole mattress, and Lengthwise, it is layered over the pillows. When not used, usually at night, it is folded and kept aside. When you have a Bedspread over the bed mattress, it usually covers the dust skirt, making that unnecessary.

A coverlet is a lightweight woven bed cover which just about covers the top of the bed; sometimes it hangs down the sides.

A comforter also known as a duvet is a thick bedcover filled with soft fibers (natural or man made) It is usually encased in a duvet cover. A duvet usually covers the whole mattress and reaches just past the top of the dust skirt if any or just past the bed top.

A bed skirt hides the space between the bedspread and the floor. It is also called a Dust ruffle. It is used to cover the box spring and legs of the bed

A throw is usually draped at the foot of the bed and can be used as an extra blanket. A runner is also seen draped at the foot of the bed especially in hotels

A Mattress protector/pad is used under the bottom sheet or the fitted sheet to cover the mattress and protect it and gives it a padding.

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Bed cover measurements

There are 4 types of beds and mattresses according to the beds available. Twin size , Full size, Queen size and King Size. You buy Bed linen according to your bed mattress sizes.

bed matress cover measurements for twin bed, full bed, queen bed and kind bed

The mattress sizes vary slightly across countries, across brands  so it is a good idea to consider the below given approximate dimensions for indicative purposes and measure the mattress you have before buying )

bedsheet cover size dimensions

When buying bed linen or sewing it yourself, you should have the following measurements

(1) the length of the mattress

(2) the width of the mattress

(3) the depth (or height) of your mattress

(4)  the height from the top of the mattress to the floor, which is termed as the drop.

For bedspreads, you choose a drop between the floor and the mattress bottom edge. With a coverlet the drop is slightly lesser. A flat bedsheet will need enough drop to be tucked under the mattress.

Bed cover sizes


Twin/ Single Bed/mattress Bedsheets – sizes 

bed sheet sizes

The dimensions of the single bed mattress also called the Twin Bed mattress ( the smallest size mattress available for adults) is 39 inches by 75 inches. A twin mattress is ideal for a small adult or a kid. There are some Twin beds which are longer (Twin XL) , but normally they are smaller in length than queen and king bed. 

Twin/ single size flat bed sheet size measurement – 60 -75 inch wide and 90-100 inch long (60 inch by 90 inch normally)

Twin size fitted sheet size – 40 inch wide and 76 inch long and  8 – 17 inch depth

Twin size coverlet – 68-70 inch wide by 88-90 inch long

Twin Size comforter size /duvet cover – 59 inch * 78 inch or 68 inch * 88 inch or 66 inch by 90 inch

Twin size Bedspread – 80 inch by 110 inch

Twin size bed Blanket size – 39 inch by 75 inch

Twin Bed Skirt – To make a bed skirt you need fabric of 45 inch width – about 4 meters  to make a straight bedskirt and about 7 meters to make a ruffled bedskirt

Full / Double Bed/mattress Bedsheets – sizes 

bed sheet size

The dimension of Full/ Double bed mattress is 54 inch width and 75 inch length. The full size bed and mattress will fit a single young person quite comfortably, though it is not for a long adult because of the lesser length. This like the Twin bed is a little short for an adult but very comfortable bed for a short adult or a kid.

Full / Double  size flat bed sheet size measurement – 81 -87 inch wide and 88-110 inch long (84 inch width by 94 inch length normally)

Full size bed coverlet –  84-90 inch by 90-96 inch

Full / Double  size fitted sheet size – 55 inch wide and 76 inch long and 8-17 inch depth

Full/ Double Bedspread size – 96 inch * 110 inch

Full/Double Comforter/ duvet cover –  80 inch * 86 inch -91 inch

Full size bed Blanket – 54 inch wide by 75 inch long

Full Bed Skirt – To make a bed skirt you need fabric of 45 inch width – about 4.5 meters  to make a straight bedskirt and about 7.5 meters to make a ruffled bedskirt.

Queen Bed/mattress Bedsheets – sizes 

bed mattress cover sizes

The queen size mattress has a dimension of 60 inch width by 80 inch height; Two adults can fit comfortably on a queen bed. This is the most commonly seen bed used in small master bedrooms and used mostly by couples. 

Queen size flat bed sheet size measurement – 92 -102 inch wide and 88-115 inch long (90 inch width by 100 inch length normally)

Queen size bed coverlet –  90-92 inch * 95-96 inch

Queen size fitted sheet size – 62 inch wide and 82 inch long and and 8-17 inch depth

Queen size bed  Comforter / duvet cover – 87 – 92 inch * 88-94  inch ( 90 inch by 90 inch mostly)

Queen size Bedspread size – 100 inch * 120 inch

Queen size blanket size –  60 inch wide by 80 inch long

Queen Bed Skirt – To make a bed skirt you need fabric of 45 inch width – about 4.5 meters  to make a straight bedskirt and about 8 meters to make a ruffled bedskirt.

King  Bed/mattress Bedsheets – sizes 

bed sheet size dimensions

The king bed mattress is 76 inch wide by 80 inch long.It is a big enough bed for two adults with sufficient space between them or whatever. If you have a King size bed and a standard Bed room you can say that the bed will cover most of the room

King size flat bed sheet size measurement – 102-110 inch wide and 88-115 inch long (108 inch width by 100 inch length normally)

King size fitted sheet size – 78 inch wide and 82 inch long and and  8-17 inch depth

King size bed coverlet – 108 inch by 95 inch

King size bed  Comforter / duvet cover- 104  -108 inch wide by  88 -90 inch long

King size Bedspread – 120 inch * 120 inch

King size Blanket – 78 inch wide by 80 inch long

King Bed Skirt – To make a bed skirt you need fabric of 45 inch width – about 5 meters  to make a straight bedskirt and about 8 meters to make a ruffled bedskirt.


A Throw is usually one-size-fits-all when you buy it. You can make it yourself to suit your mattress ofcourse. The throw usually measures 50 inch wide and 70 inch long or 50 inch by 60 inch.

When you are making bed sheets you will be buying fabric which are either 45 inch wide or  54 inch wide. (If you are lucky you even get fabric which are 100 inch wide).

With 45 inch wide or 54 inch wide fabric you will have to add more fabric to fit the width of the mattress plus the mattress depth and the drop. This will cause unsightly seams ( stitching lines) down the middle of the bed sheets. This is not attractive and can be avoided by careful planning when buying fabric to make sheets.

You can add panels to either side of the 45 inch or 54 inch fabric width piece you have and thus avoid the unsightly seam line on the visible portion of the bed, for Twin, Full and Queen bed mattresses.

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