baby blanket size

Baby blankets are one of those things that people love to make. They can be crocheted, knitted, quilted or sewn with suitable material.

Baby Blankets are also among one of those most frequently bought gifts when someone you know have a baby. And it can also be one of the useless gifts they must receive from well meaning relatives and friends – after one month or two that pretty blanket gifted by your aunt is big enough to wrap your tiffin, not your happy wriggly baby.

I measured one such blanket and it measured just about 22 inches. Not nearly big enough to cover, let alone swaddle, a happy healthy and active three month old baby. And babies do grow up pretty fast.

A cozy swaddle in a blanket can give your baby the same comfort she or he got in the womb. The quality of sleep of your baby is increased as a result of the improved comfort while sleeping. Make a big enough one for your little baby so that you will not have to look for another blanket before a month is out. But not too big that you cannot roll it up and keep it in your bag for any emergency when you are traveling with the baby.

Let us see what are the standard sizes for a baby blanket or quilt. So that, next time you are out shopping for a baby blanket or about to make one yourself you will have a useful one in which the baby can be swaddled cozily, or rest peacefully.

baby blanket sizes

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Typical body length of babies 

A preemie is typically 13″ – 18 inch long ; newborn baby is 18″-23″ long ; a 3-6 month old baby is 22″-27″ long ; a 6-9 month old baby is 25″-30″ long.

Typical dimensions of mattresses 

Small Cradle – 15″ x 30″ ; Large Cradle – 18″ x 33″ ; Crib  – 28″ x 52″

crib sheet


You spend so much time to lovingly sew up countless fabric pieces to make a baby quilt and  in a few months time the baby grows too big for the quilt – you will be so disappointed. A big enough quilt can be used for many many years even after your baby has outgrown it, as a throw or as picnic blanket. 

The standard Crib bed mattress size is 27 inch * 52 inch. You can make a crib quilt of 36 inch * 54 inch for this mattress, which will give a good enough overhang also. The width of 36 inch can be increased to about 45 inch, so that you get more overhang. 

For a standard baby quilt a 40-42 inch square is a good measure, as you can use a single fabric which is 44 inch wide for the backing. A big quilt of 45 inch by 60 inch is a good size which will hold for many years, even after the baby has grown. The sizes mentioned for the baby blankets below are applicable for baby quilts as well. 

Standard sizes of Baby blankets

This is one crib sheet which belonged to my daughter and has been through countless washes but is still very soft, smooth and nice – the consequence of buying a good quality cotton sheet with a close weave and high thread count. Check out the post on the 20 different good quality fabrics you should look at when choosing bed linen

Receiving blanket28 inch34 inch
Baby Blanket34 inch46 inch
Baby Afghan30 inch40 inch
Toddler Blanket42-46 inch52-58 inch
Baby crib Blanket30 inch36 inch
Standard crib quilt / crib blanket36 inch54 inch

Size of a Baby blanket as a square

Small Preemie Baby18- 20 inch square ( 45-50 cms)
Large preemie baby24 inch square
Newborn Baby30 inch square(75 cms)
Baby blanket34-36 inch square
Swaddling blanket
45 inch square
Child afghan / blanket40-44 inch square ( 102 -112 cms)
Receiving blanket40 inch square

A light to medium weight fabric which is breathable and preferably has a stretch, is the fabric of choice for making baby blankets. Fabrics like cotton or light weight flannel are the best choices. There are even ecofriendly blankets made in organic cotton or bamboo. It is better to avoid making baby blankets in fleece as it can stick to the skin of the baby.Choose a hypoallergenic fabric if possible. Ensure that you are not using any rough material or synthetic material to sew blankets for babies.

If you have handmade the blanket yourself or embroidered letters or initials of your baby on it you will want to keep it for a long time. Not throw it away after one month or two.

I have seen pretty baby blankets used as a throw and they look wonderful draped over the arm of a sofa. Get the size right and it is a keep sake for, you never know, generations. Also remember, a swaddled baby is a happy baby.

blanket sizes

Here are some cute baby embroidery design motifs you can embroider on your finished baby blanket/quilt

embroidery for kids clothes

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